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  1. Hypersomnia


    thank you so much
  2. Hypersomnia


    ? ? ? why would the joke be hooking me? this makes no sense.
  3. bro i think i'm gonna have to be giving this week's paycheck to mitch today
  4. Hypersomnia


    bro ur literally unbanned
  5. No no no bad idea But if this were to be added make it so it needs time to set up and deploy to be used/spawned it
  6. Yes but they dont have it for the planes or the covered offroads
  7. Each skin is 250k, it's really annoying to have to not know what something looks like before you buy. If you think the skin looks terrible, 250k would have been wasted. Basically my suggestion is give either pictures or trial skins or something to be able to see what the skin looks like without buying and applying it. A forum post with them would probably also work but I've yet to see any with all of the skins/the ones I want personally.
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