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  1. I know I'm being picky, can we remove the first like 30 seconds of nothing happening when you first get in the chair? There's a ton of time sitting in the chair before the actual execution happens.
  2. How long was it originally? As of now its still a minute and 20 seconds.
  3. Mods are admins in training with access to most if not all of the tools I'm assuming. Support just helps people really.
  4. This is an American server and the Gang Fort and Gang Boat are already not being fought very often. Moving the time when there is 20-30 people on will not make that any better. Also the benefits of the gang fort are much better than gang boat, such as reduced loadout costs and a drug dealer. Moving it to the bottom of the map makes the drug dealer useless and the decreased loadouts insane. Bounty hunting is aids, but they need the 10 min restraints. Having to land or stop to re down someone or re restrain them is a waste of time. This sound more of I got fucked by a bounty hunter and now I want it changed. Its a part of the game and we all deal with it, especially the cops.
  5. Ok... Making Meth you make 1.) Meth Cocktail. 2.) Crystal Meth 3.) Heisenberg Meth. Crystal Meth still sells for a lot? The price of that never went down. Going to Puri and making step number 3 just means more profit? I'm confused on where doing Puri or not doing Puri makes such a huge difference. Its not like making Crystal Meth gives u 500 dollars and Heisenberg makes 3k
  6. I mean, you don't NEED to go to Puri. You can still make Coke and Meth at the processor. Its an extra step if you want some extra cash.
  7. These are the guys complaining about the Chinese btw.
  8. Idk bro make a suggestion to add more options
  9. Its already a thing, go edit your profile
  10. Sorry I was just confused because you guys have a higher ping than me and your argument is “it’s a defining factor”. We fight EU on dom all the time and they lag like crazy, yet we aren’t witch hunting on the fourms to remove them.
  11. I mean, yea they lag but so do you guys? The EU doesn’t have perfect ping either. I never encounter what you showed in these videos. Sure they get a kill here and there, but nothing wild. Me, vortex and tach were 3v13 last week and wiped them back to back for an hour or 2 with no complaints other than being outnumbered. When I connect to an EU server my ping is like 150-200, so I’m sure you FSA kids aren’t much better. Should we ban you guys as well since you have 100 more ping than me?
  12. Its always the players that are bad that complain about the Chinese.
  13. Bring back colors names instead of everyone having white if you remember that from back then.
  14. Signed by some random crimson co leader

  15. I think it was removed because of staff or retired staff having spawned in shit inside the houses, I could be wrong.
  16. I love everything you said minus this, retired cops cant call lethal's they are Cpl in game. If you are referring to retired Captain or the 3 retired Lt's who have sergeant in game, they earned that rank and they have the experience needed to call lethals. With the group of 5 or less, what if the rebels do a bank when 2 out of the 5 cops are doing a ridealong? I like calling out how many people should be lethaled instead of calling it and everyone goes crazy.
  17. How does this montage from 7 years ago look better than the ones they post now?
  18. I think he increased the time to hack the vault and gates, not how long the vault is open.
  19. No problem, I'm glad I single-handedly caused Fitz to change his own event!
  20. Because we push the event and you guys are in a position to hold it? You left the part out where I said if you dont ego peak a cop you get the token. A bank is more challenging to fight, you should know this seeing as FSA loses half of them. Again left out where I said multiple people sitting on construction... My kits are 21k///
  21. It has nothing to do with cops losing one event, this event will NEVER be won by cops with the current state its at. If its going to be labeled as an end game event it needs to be balanced and an actual fight. If that wont happen, allow the tokens to be bought without the need for an event so cops don't sit there for 40 minutes and waste their time.
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