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  1. rogue now goes on his forums once a week rather then a month!
  2. .Max

    Community Thoughts?

    not ur average nigga
  3. .Max

    Community Thoughts?

    Add house weed fix the server Unban BBNB fix the server Listen to the community fix the server Mass unban fix the server Keep adding useless confusing fed events kill the server Keep adding useless items that take 5 years to get kill the server Keep nerfing drugs kill the server
  4. Love these new graphics on our patch notes meanwhile our competition is dropping client sided mods and a mission file updater. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Here we are on the 3rd patch reworking something that nobody's interested in. If people don't have time to even play the server no hate but I don't think they will wanna go on crafting missions for virtual money with 3000 ingredients. ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. So much crafting shit nobody’s gonna understand how to do this let alone new players. When’s a recipe book dropping on my phone bro
  6. @manhua THIS JUST IN LAGGY FOREIGN RETARD GETS KILLS ON 11 YEAR OLD MILITARY SIMULATOR! go create a global pandemic lil nigga OSKAR GLAZEEEE 打倒中国人 打倒中国人 打倒中国人 打倒中国人
  7. lets go ping for ping lil nigga @Ruffian
  8. .Max

    Enriched Uranium

    you like want to be in control so bad its funny shutting down suggestions before the community even gives feedback??? average underpaid developer 💀💀💀
  9. .Max

    Enriched Uranium

    ur being an asshole for no reason bro this guy has a fully detailed suggestion and ur being a fag like what is wrong with u good suggestion ebola dont let this retarded dev who is killing his own server tell u otherwise!
  10. who do u think u are lil bro opposition "absolutely not" 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 like anyone here cares abt ur opinion
  11. grind on a server with 50 players vs grind on a server with less illegal areas that was packed full plus 4 other servers
  12. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 the server is dead because no one wants to jerk off at a field for 4 hours. lets make it so you jerk off at a field for 4 hours and make less money!!!!! great fix dont listen to the community I say we cut the price of all drugs in half!!!!!!!!!
  13. .Max

    Purification Factory

    not just talking abt meth think abt other drugs like lsd and coke and sutch LSD sells for 500$ and then 900$ when puri thats almost double. lets say you sell 400 LSD vs 400 Purified LSD (whatever its called) thats roughly 200k vs 360k thats a pretty significant difference is it not? At this point its not really about little too risk in my opinion its more about enjoying what you are doing and giving the community what they want. I see where you're coming from but I still think my point stands pretty well
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