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  1. Oh god now there’s more ds retards reproducing on this forum. Dankbud how old are u about 35?
  2. I can’t bro “DS Luke swagretard.” Today At 4:55 EVERYONE fed tonight. Then he sends a teamspeak global message
  3. I feel bad for your parents. At least I go to school...... DOWNED AT A CARTEL BY SPAR 16’S TROLLED RETARDS WE COULDNT EVEN CAP IT @Caden The Fedcan we get a shitty drunk squad video
  4. Hopefully white lighting deepins you voice so you can lie about ur age better rather then getting groomed by 40 year old men in the pride gang of asylum You sound like u use a voice changer to make the voice higher so that way all sgt+ give u priority shaving
  5. @Ethan Darrellpls help. Domestic Abusers > Drunk Squad @Gape Hornehave u heard this kid talk somehow he’s on the apd
  6. Idk if ur retarted or not but I have 1k hours on the server with 150 on cop and do u see a cop tag on my name. All that ds in ur name is pretty much an asylum pride flag.
  7. Stfu u absolute retarted 9 year old career cop in the gang that gets wiped at a cartel by vermin’s.!!!!!!!!!! Get out of the thread for the people on the server that can kill a bounty hunter. If I was slime I would be upset to spawn in and look at all the kids sitting in abdera.
  8. tuff bro im sorry that you didnt know what redgull does. @agent retard wanted in the asylum pussy division so bad u cheated on cadet interview....... how do u even get caught doing that? you must have thrown miserably. i feel sorry for u brotha inshallah
  9. @Gape Horneur bitch made imagine inviting pop tart to gang
  10. It’s funny how everyone on this thread thinks huan is the most serious rapper and made this with the intentions to be the best song. Get your chips.
  11. Lol @TRYHARD2 was easy tho and it made this retard cry to sleep
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