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  1. anddddddddddddddddddd time for me to quit.
  2. How many vehicles/helicopters can you store in your garage?
  3. Auto pilot should be removed. And make the risk for failure higher (20k?). If you nerf the payout even by 25% it wouldn't be worth it. Too much high risk. Crash, bugs, rebels, cops, etc.
  4. I wouldn't sell to you if you were the last player on Asylum.
  5. How ironic that your post was actually the shitpost of this topic.
  6. 0Ill have to post screenshots later. I'm selling industrial Shed 300m north of Distillery. Two houses 220k each in abdera. Two 220k houses in athira (1 shares wall with clinic, 1 is 150m from Wong's). Then also two 120ks in Athira. Trying to sell multiple together to make this quick. Otherwise I may just sell them to my brother since he seems to like this server. Pm me if you want to buy them all at once. Not parting out. Not looking for in game cash.
  7. @bamf what happened to the money/items i had in exchange?
  8. Sarcasm is not displayed well through text. I think what he said could have been taken to be not sarcastic as easily as it is taken as sarcastic.
  9. What about the helis that we buy and don't get? I assume that is the vehicle purchase you're referring to? Did you include a fix that doesn't cost you 15k when the plane fails to spawn initially? Thanks bamf.
  10. I'm not being toxic. Just realistic. He just said he likes that it does things it shouldn't which causes a violation of civilian rights. Just clarifying what he already said.
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