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  1. is the ability to drink your own piss a requirement?
  2. always knew oskarr and aslan were cheaters smh my head
  3. gareth stepped out for a cig, he'll decide your fate when he returns
  4. ok no hypothetical kissing allowed here, either you are or you aren't! all of you must go all in
  5. ok I guess I'll order it again but I'll have them arm the delivery dude this time
  6. hey oskarr can I get an update about when I will be receiving my signed mousepad? I made the order 3 months ago and when I called the number for customer support all they did was tell me that my computer was broken and offer to fix it for like $50 dollars.
  7. I left for like 4 days, how the hell did you manage to do this THAT quickly
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