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  1. There are two options of having your license revoked? One allows you to just rebuy it. The other option is remainder of the restart. The remainder of the restart is if the bounty hunter has kidnapped an officer or civilian who is not their bounty. Even then it's Corp+ discretion.
  2. If you're talking about me, none of you have ever asked. Envy_ and I are actively in a PM message, and I've told him how to reach out if he has actual suggestions.
  3. Sorry, Tarkov is more important to do in my free time usually.
  4. Once again? We're not removing it... We're reworking it... It'll be back before the end of July lol.. You'll be okay... lol
  5. Here I'll ask him. @Gen. Henry Arnold what is the whole bunch of shit they suggested be added? We didn't remove the event? It'll be back? I'm not gonna bother playing the server. I can just leave if you feel that I should be required to play the server lol... I 9k hours in Arma. At least 2k hours spend actually playing Asylum back in the day. I'm not a fan of how the APD on the server is ran. I'm also not a fan of the general rules regarding how some things are played on the server. I had my fun on Arma. I'm not going back to playing. You really won't get any content then if you feel we should all be playing lol...
  6. Think so? How about if it's back in <= 15 days we ban you for an unknown duration over 15 days?
  7. I'll take a look at it.. Nah, no reason to? The fed is fine as it is. The evidence lockup has not been very "hard" at all since day 1. It's not playing out the way that was intended at all. It's been said for a long time we'd like to see it be different. We can't just continue to let a ton of gear be farmed out of it with really no risk at all. We're not disabling it due to the APD? We're disabling it to prevent the easy farming of gear out of it that we don't necessarily want to see flood the economy. We've wanted to rework it for quite a while now. We just haven't known how to go about it. As I've wanted to add virtual inventory as well to it, however, with it's current easily farmed state we can't. This once again has nothing to do regarding the APD... Not sure what additional "content" you think we should add for you... Lol. There really isn't a whole lot more varying "content" that can be added. Maybe you want to be constructive and suggest this "content" you feel we should add. And once again... not a single APD member has even talked to me about the evidence lockup? So idk what else to tell you bro. As I said above. The evidence lockup hasn't been very well balanced from the start? People would just immediately cram stuff in to their house when it was first out. People with a house right outside and such... Not sure why you think it's about CEO? We're just starving the server of content...
  8. Nah this update is shit. BH shop is also in, go to any bounty hunter base, the regular shop is now located there.
  9. An update will go live in ~50 minutes that will disable the evidence lockup robbery. Due to continued and consistent starting and completion of this event and it's broken nature we've decided to temporarily disable it until we have it reworked. We are aiming to have it reworked and in with the quests update early July. We also fixed undercover cops spawning with titles and having their swat level attached to them... Thanks for understanding.
  10. It is... have you tried going to an ATM and depositing some cash in your bank? This should trigger the "achievement" scan function to check if you have achievements. Once you do this it should grant you the achievement. See above. It does.
  11. Due to the unbalanced nature of shotguns at this time we've decided to make it so you can't, honestly we figured BI would've released an update to them back when they came out. Since you could basically destroy any homestead, etc with it.. The effects of a shotgun vs armored vehicles and such are also pretty unbalanced. Personally I don't think they should even be in until BI balances them better. I could use this same argument against an SDAR? Sdars are illegal, want people capturing with that? They're not crashes.. It's DDoS attacks. Just a few hundred attacks in the last month or two. Not quite sure why you'd report this? As lethaling is the same... You simply don't get paid for it. But hey, you do you. We can always just remove your ability to create tickets if you become a nuisance on purpose.
  12. It's fixed for next hotfix. Should be live in a few hours. Hot Fix #1: Bounty Hunter license is now equal price as a Rebel License ($12,500) Changed spelling of licence to license when purchasing Reverted Revoke license change Added ability for Corporal+ to revoke BH License for remainder of server restart (See policy update from Captains for when to use) Fixed metal plate gathering in prison Fixed blackjack tables Fixed a script error for redgull
  13. If that circle is just where you hit the radiation, I don't see the issue here lol... There is no marker specifying the distance of the radiation... I'd say make basically the whole swamp radiated. Which looks like it is. Caught us, this is exactly why.
  14. Maybe to someone else? I listen and am quite open. Don't think anyone here can say I ignore their feedback or suggestions... like how i've been sitting here replying back to everyone who is commenting. I can see EVERY channel on both the Admin discord and the regular discord. There is no reason you can't suggest something to me via those means. I'm not saying someone else, but me. Those channels are quite open. That is incredibly descriptive of the issue. I would just ignore that. If you put no effort in something, why should I put effort in finding out why it's "fucked up"? If you expect it just magically be "fixed" without anyone knowing about an issue you're pretty thick skulled. I'm done with this conversation. It's obvious you're truly not caring to help improve the community, instead you're just wanting to be toxic on the forums. I'm over this conversation. If you want to continue it on TS, message me on there.
  15. You know something? These people, INCLUDING YOU have ways of bringing this issue to our attention. Did you try ANY of those channels for this issue before complaining here? I know the answer is no on the forums. Did you PM me on discord? Nope. Did you at me in a channel? Nope. What have YOU done? I am 100% available on discord for people to communicate issues to me. No one does. That is not my fault.
  16. It was asked specifically to the APD that removal of the license be in more extreme circumstances... Simply having a gun you shouldn't while on bounty hunter shouldn't constitute the removal of the license. So what are you exactly complaining about? This change was to combat serious abuse of the license. In which case revoking it is fine for POTENTIALLY up to 3 hours. That's if it was right near the start and the person was abusing it.
  17. Yet we have this guy suggesting I spend just a bunch of time talking to people and not working on anything with those man hours: Have you ever thought this was an oversight? I would disagree with this if it's the case. However, I didn't make uranium or even care to look at the range of it's effects. So this is something I am unaware of. At the same time you haven't made a single bug report on this matter to make us aware of this potential issue. Instead you feel the best way is to belittle us and bitch like a child.
  18. If you "enjoy playing the server for the bounty hunter aspect" chances are you won't be getting caught doing some bad with the weapon then? If you do, then that's the consequence. Don't know what you want to hear lol.
  19. So I'll spend the next month talking to the entire community about changes. Everyone has their own visions/ideas of what is right/wrong. People have different play-styles. Just because they don't align with yours doesn't make it wrong.
  20. I said a month or so ago, that I was going to be the one to rework this and make changes now. I had a discussion like I said above with Staff, Mitch, Developers, and also the new community aides I'm working with on how we can go about balancing it. This update is Part 1 of a 2 part update I had planned to be more focused about changes for civilian life balances and adjustments. I am just having a hard time finding a good balance that isn't basically what I made on Olympus. I'd like for it to be different.
  21. There are changes planned. We've even discussed several different options for what we could do. Several people can even attest to this statement. I sat in a channel and discussed this with a few cops and civs. I've talked with mitch, our developers, and admins as well. Just because it hasn't happened in this update, doesn't mean we're not planning to change it? Certain federal event situations is very vague. I understand that you don't get paid for lethaling them in unreachable places. However, you could also just catch them later? Chances are they're not always going to be in an unreachable place... This change should make it so less people put themselves in unreachable places to just get free pardons. This will also ideally force more "RP" scenarios potentially on people, instead of just using it to avoid situations potentially too. Turning yourself in can be a %50 ticket reduction too. This really isn't something I'm gonna argue about. IMO.. it's just money at the end of the day you miss out on here potentially. That can later be caught or potentially get even more from that said person now. A lot of thinking does go in to a lot of this believe it or not. Just because we're not making the changes you believe are correct or following your vision, doesn't mean it's everyone's vision dude.
  22. Yes. They are just no longer bounty hunter turn in locations. Solely APD? Bounty hunters couldn't pardon your bounty by lethaling before.... Jailing from any location was the fix for those would like to abuse restarts for lethals.
  23. That's up to your higher ups I guess, I don't deal with how the APD handles these issues? However, you should now be able to send someone to jail regardless of location within the last 2.5 minutes or whatever the time is when it tells you to sync your vehicle. This is to be used in accordance to whatever APD policy/procedures/guidelines they decide on though. See the above... What are the downsides? What are the benefits? Chill.. See the above.
  24. Was actually requested by Samperino when he was CoP. So it's been long overdue. Because, regular bounty hunter shops all were removed and now the 3 skiptracers are the only place for both skiptracer gear and normal BH gear.
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