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  1. It's done. The server is back up. See above. Also, I said roughly. I can't force mysql to work faster than it can.
  2. Define "Raw Points".... Whatever Exp/Talents you had in V1, you will now have now.
  3. Doesn't make a difference. It's being overwritten. Unless you had 0 in V1 and some now in V2.
  4. I forgot. Doing this nowish No it’s going away essentially.
  5. I mean I assume it's intended you get removed from your group so your friends can't see you being transported around the map.... Yes it would be. I'm just a message away if they need help. All the data is in the DB, just not the talents due to some being removed/altered. The exp remains however. Things will be just fine.
  6. Hey all, At ~8AM-ish (Central Time) on the 13th I will be having the servers offline for roughly 5 minutes while I apply an update to the database to give everyone their old honor and honor talents back that they had in V1. Due to the suspension that occurs on the database it'd affect in-game gameplay if done while the server was online. Also, anyone who was online at the time would miss out on the update that would occur. So it's best to have the game server offline. Should only be down for about 5 minutes... Thanks, Jesse
  7. Jesse

    Farewell All

    Afternoon all, I am retiring from Arma 3 Development, with that comes my departure from Asylum. I will be giving up the Owner role with no one taking my spot. Sole ownership will fall back on Clint now. Asylum has been an adventure and will continue to do fine under the current developers. Azeh has turned in to quite a strong developer and has blossomed in to a fine little flower full of Arma 3 development knowledge. I will be lingering around time to time to help with issues that may arise with development and still offering my help. I just don't have the time anymore and this adventure has been a bit different than what I anticipated. Eventually coming up sometime probably soonish, I will be training them on the general maintenance stuff I did here and there to ensure smooth operations, so until that happens I'll be here. Random fact: In the year I was doing development here I never once logged in to the servers for more than 15 minutes at a time. Thanks everyone, Jesse
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      Dick Romney

      Thank you Jesse, very cool! 

  9. Upon popular opinion now of both owners, 8/5 staff vote, and majority of the community in this poll... The pain system and painkillers will not be returning. Thank you to those who expressed their opinions by votes and commentary.
  10. Re-Read or read Mason Statham's post...
  11. Hey everyone, I've made it so you can sync your forum profile with your steam account. I'd highly suggest doing so as this will be used in the future for key credit redemption, displaying your stats, etc. You can sync your account here: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/settings/login/&service=10 Syncing your account will also allow you to have another method to sign in to your forums account. You can either use the steam login method or the standard forums login.
  12. I mean you shouldn't really be losing yinventory anymore. As the new system should be pretty reliable...
  13. Because it's already coded to be in the next update. Well times already been wasted to put it back in... so what's some more?
  14. What would you think about keeping it in, but having the effect go away (numbs) after like 3-5 minutes?
  15. Simple poll. Am curious. I personally was never much of a fan, granted it does make combat a bit different. However, I always thought it was annoying as hell... Just curious as to the communities thought on the pain system and painkilllers.
  16. Just an update: You no longer need to set the severity of your tickets. I have created a script that automatically will update your ticket within 20 minutes to be donor 7 if you have the forum group.
  17. Unfortunately it'll be back. Broken legs are gone however the pain thing will remain. His name is not there. He has been working a lot. He's just working on a few things on a different branch. Mainly his evidence locker thing.
  18. I can't be bothered giving a timeline for the stuff we do. Everyone complains when it's not spot on. So I'm done giving estimates and such in any sort of public thread. We're working on returning the features that are missing. Some of them will be put in by the end of the month. Azeh, Henry, and I are actively working on stuff.
  19. Sure. You just aren't able to gather it.
  20. We'll more than likely be updating them. It's due to the shading they attempted to do and the compression that they did after. Had they not been compressed though it was like 60mb. Which ain't nobody downloading an 80mb mission file... Give them time to learn and such. The textures in game regardless of what type aren't permanent...
  21. We've already made it easy enough for you. Having to only watch for a lockpicker is on you... Jesus. Especially when only maybe 1 or 2 other people may be online... If that
  22. It'll probably solve itself eventually. It's not asylum. Some have the issues some don't. It's DNS.
  23. As azeh said. It says that as the message but if you check your account it's buy price.
  24. It's due to having multiple textures using 1 item classname. Backpacks when dropped and such should maintain the texture due to them being a vehicle. However clothing this will happen to almost always assuming it's used both as a regular item and a skinned item. If we used them solely as skinned items this wouldn't be an issue but for example both of the new free uniform skins use the same classname. So we don't just assume what one you had. It gets set back default. See above. It's due to that uniform essentially having 3 different textures. We'll probably make a menu you can access to reset your skins if you so desire.
  25. Try flushing your DNS.. https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/94487-Client-wont-resolve-correct-ip-address-for-server Or try restarting your PC and/or reopen TS. We currently have 23 people on TS though.. It's a dns issue for yourself.
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