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  1. Toxicc

    Friday Night Fights

    +1 Give Civ Striders no balls
  2. Toxicc

    Friday Night Fights

    500k Split between 10 people Yeah that blows. Gonna need to up it pal @Roice Sure the Ifrits are cool and all but we all have 5-10 frits in our garage because zaros is op so up it to 2 Mill Make it interesting.
  3. That explains alot breezy.
  4. You're a retard get the hell off this thread ape. Don't you dare disrespect Twinkie.
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) Supports me Atleast
  6. Twinkie admitted whos better we all know I'm better than Twinkie @Mason Statham You havn't got a kill at a cartel in weeks pipe down.
  7. The Kawaii Killer Kitties were good people and look what happened to them.
  8. Make a PowerPuff Ifrit Skin like the jeep no balls.
  9. If he got contributor would you play the server more than 20 minutes at any given time. +1 I'd Buy more Crates for it! Put it on an Orca
  10. Toxicc


    I played that game with Aids got Super Geared then Logged off to never return 1 and done kinda game tbh.
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