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  1. Might aswell forfeit the argument at that point:)
  2. You're in DS don't quote me loser
  3. Toxicc

    o7 boys

    o7 Rough way to go out
  4. Fighting the toilets at bootcamp
  5. Have Mercy I never got my Hyperbeast skin my heart is still empty to this day ;(
  6. #FreeBatcan we have lost another true powerpuff member today.
  7. Toxicc

    Friday Night Fights

    +1 Give Civ Striders no balls
  8. Toxicc

    Friday Night Fights

    500k Split between 10 people Yeah that blows. Gonna need to up it pal @Roice Sure the Ifrits are cool and all but we all have 5-10 frits in our garage because zaros is op so up it to 2 Mill Make it interesting.
  9. That explains alot breezy.
  10. You're a retard get the hell off this thread ape. Don't you dare disrespect Twinkie.
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