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  1. +1 If tanoa came back or Strife Olympus would have no player base.
  2. he's not cop anymore anyway he thinks it's cool to pardon gang members.
  3. Toxicc

    Tarkov wipe

    Rip my 33 Reaper Ir's in my stash
  4. Ghosthawks really wouldn't be a problem if we added in titan's aswell, and even without titan's all you have to do is not shoot the ghosthawk.
  5. Good to see no PPG members were montaged.
  6. when was the last time u even came to a cartel why are you typing?
  7. True no competition for PPG
  8. Slick has 9k hours on arma and has the skill of someone with 2k because he likes to leave his pc on at night.
  9. Suck him off harder. +1
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