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  1. LF sheds and good meth or scotch houses
  2. A spar and a tac vest isnt bad for a free loadout you can put in work with that
  3. Not sure why it sounds like you're getting emotional over an argument, I'm just bringing up points to potentially make the game better lol To the 80% of the APD that is a Constable or lower, an MX costs 2k + a tac vest, mags, and meds comes to 3.5k . For an MX + pilot coveralls it comes to 8.5k. This is easily enough to do whatever you want on cop. Its you're choice that you want to spend 15k on a loadout, this doesn't apply to the majority of the APD. All I know is the amount of people that only hop on cop to make quick money for little work is wild
  4. found a program that let me rebind it to something else
  5. They are losing their loadout either way id rather suicide out of a car then give cops money and take my loadout what. Cop has 0 risk 100% reward you make bank and load outs cost nothing its a known fact I mean obviously career cops are gonna want that though because thats all they play, I play cop and civ speaking from an unbiased point of view
  6. I personally prefer 60% keyboards overall for most shooters and have been using one for like the past year when siege was my main game. 60% keyboards however don't have a tilde key and the escape key is where it would be, but with Arma you need the tilde key to see names which is kinda important. Anyone currently use a 60% for Arma? I was thinking maybe there could be a way to remap my keyboard to make a different key be the tilde key but not sure if I could. Currently use a Ducky One 2 Mini.
  7. Looking to buy a scotch or meth shed will pay high $
  8. Yea those would probably be better options thats what I did. Either way though I still stand by my point of the APD being too strong and some rules need to be balanced. I dont remember having cops come every drug run I did more like half of them or less which i beleive is a result of having 1 server now
  9. Ok ill tell them to go pick peaches for two hours they will gladly want to keep playing
  10. Just pointing out my opinions on these APD rules, I don't think there are many non career cops that will argue against the fact that the APD is a tad too strong, unless you just hop on cop to robo cop for money.
  11. Them getting caught has 0 correlation to them being new. They have ran 3 meth runs and 1 heroine run got caught on all of them. Doesnt matter who you are when the cops roll up they roll up
  12. In no way am I arguing meth should be safe, its the end game of making money. But, atm with 1 server that is always capped at peak times you have to deal with all this mentioned previously about cops and on top of that gangs too. My argument is that cops are too powerful which could deter new players away from getting into asylum because they spend an hour of their life gathering materials to get it taken away 100% of the time. There are a number of fixes: 1. Make cop loadouts more expensive so they value their life more 2. Make legal activities more profitable so new come
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