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  1. Sentinel


    You were my constable when I was a cadet and my bro on cop. Will miss you man.
  2. what is special about the ship wrecks with the yellow circles? or are people just getting there faster then I can
  3. HUNTING GROUNDS YES that was the first thing I ever did to make mony
  4. Correction btw it wasnt a single day I said I got it reduced confusion sorry.
  5. New APD policy allowing arrest from any location when within 2 minutes restart Lethal Option removed from one minute to restart as a better option is now available.
  6. When i joined asylum in the first place it was this small. I have been here since summer of last year. I wish it would regrow back to 5 servers as that seemed like it was a very enjoyable time period. But hey I have a lot of fun now still so don't be afraid to try and get used to it.
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