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  1. If you think any admin is abusing their power, make an admin report to ensure it gets brought to our attention. But bitching in a forum post while providing no info whatsoever about the situation isn't going to solve anything.
  2. The post said 2 weeks. We plan on doing the drawing and getting prizes out the 27-28th
  3. Edit, It appears the discord bot is killing itself and cant handle the amount of giveaways, so we are changing how to enter, In order to enter the giveaway, please like the original forum post, and make sure you have your player id linked to your forum account. To link your PID, go to your forum profile, click edit profile in the top left, then fill in the PID box. If you are logged into the forums via steam you do not need to do this.
  4. Howdy Everyone! We know it's been a wild couple of months here on Asylum. We've made a lot of changes and are continuing to do so to enhance the Asylum experience. As we look towards a better Asylum community, we want to thank all of our loyal players for sticking around to make this place what it is. In the last 10+ years we have had a lot of ups and downs, from dealing with the depths of the pandemic, to Turkish lawyers, and rough days at work, this community has always been a place for people to come together to be away from the outside world. We just want to thank everyone for being a part of this crazy community we call Asylum. In honor of this we are going to be running a slate of giveaways to reward all of you, all in all we are giving away $2,000+ of Asylum gold rewards, and $20 mill of in-game content. They will be running for the next 2 weeks; you must be an active member of the server to be eligible to receive the rewards. Must not be banned at the time of winning Must have been reasonably active on the server within the last 30 days at time of winning In order to enter the giveaway, please like this post, and make sure you have your player id linked to your forum account. Asylum Gold Items: 2 Winners x 6 Months of Asylum Plus 4 Winners x 3 Months of Asylum Plus 15 Winners x 1 month of Asylum Plus Donor levels (the value of that donor level gets added to your account) 1 Winner x Donor Level 8 1 Winner x Donor level 7 1 Winner x Donor level 6 1 Winner x Donor level 5 1 Winner x Donor level 4 1 Winner x Donor level 3 1 Winner x Donor level 2 1 Winner x Donor level 1 15 Winners x 10 crate keys of your choice 5 Winners x 2200 Asylum Gold 10 Winners x Camo bundle of your choosing 4 Winners x 25,000 Asylum Points In Game Items: 2 Winners x Mar-10 2 Winners x SPMG 1 Winner x M320 LRR + MOS scope 1 Winner x lynx + MOS scope 2 Winners x Cyrus 10 Winners x Ifrit 5 Winners x 750k Cash 10 Winners x 100k Blood Money 3 Winners x Ghosthawk, civ, cop, or medic (rank doesn’t matter) 5 Winners x 1 next token of their choice 5 Winners x 50,000 prestige on cop 5 Winners x 25,000 honor 5 Winners x 25,000 Infamy Thank you all for being a part of this community, and good luck! -Asylum Staff
  5. Please join us and welcome our newest support members! @Fried Rice @GravL @Mr. Chow @Samperino @Scruggs @Silver-Spy Congratulations. Feel free to reach out to them for any assistance you require.
  6. Akula

    Changelog March

    Most were already comped, if you haven't been feel free to make a comp request
  7. Support apps will remain open until Saturday 3/30 @ 2259 EST . Remember this may be the first impression admins have of you. The time and effort you put into your application doesn't go unnoticed. Apply Here Good luck to all those who apply.
  8. We agree. We are planning to hold another one in the near future. We'll put out an announcement once we've decided on a date and time
  9. I personally like the idea, it could definitely add more excitement into the faction instead of just sitting around waiting for revives. my only concern would be if this would change the afd from the neutral faction it's intended to be into being more cop sided. But I'm sure we can figure out a way to balance it. First step would be for the current chief, and captains to be on the same page. If they are in favor I'm sure we'll find a way to implement it in a way that would still be fair to all players.
  10. Unfortunately Arma is shit when it comes to performance so this is very unlikely to happen. Even if you limited it to 5 per house x 5 houses per player x100 players = 2500 objects on the map, with cities, where performance is already less than ideal taking the biggest hit. Just doing some some basic testing, 5 chairs per house for only a 1/4 of Kavala equaled a ~30% frame drop, that's with no players and no code running. We also have to take into account players with lower end hardware. There are people already only getting 20fps in cities, and that kind of drop would be the difference between the server being playable and not. All for something that 99% of players would never use, as sitting in a chair in your house doing nothing would be incredibly boring.
  11. Yes, you can share keys, but you cannot hold more than 5 houses total
  12. Already approved, just no progress so far
  13. Please join us in congratulating our newest moderators: @.Nathan @Hubschrauber @Vortex Feel free to reach out to them for any assistance you may need. - Asylum Staff
  14. Everyone please welcome @HunterB into the rank of senior admin and congratulations to our newest support team member @william Thank you - Asylum Staff
  15. Been suggested a handful of times, TLDR, not possible unfortunately, Bohemia decided to only add fullscreen nvg's in tan.
  16. No, We arent going to be preventing players from playing with who they like
  17. The Rule explicitly states Entering a player's house/shed by any means other than thru an unlocked/open door. (Including shed skylights). Is exploiting. The bank is not a player's house
  18. ↑ You are allowed to kill yourself through natural means. If you were banned for jumping out of a clear please PM me and I'll look into it.
  19. ^^ You can either choose to report, or choose to fight. You don't get to do both. But once you shoot at them you begin two way initiation. Either way this is not a development suggestion.
  20. Gang Skins Applications for gang skins are now open. These will be very limited, as we will only have a total of 5 gangs at any given time that will have the ability to have their own personalized skin. Pricing will be as follows $50 initial fee for skin development and developer time. $30 renewal fee each month they would like to keep their skin. If you are interested please have your gang leader apply under the Support Request Section titled "Gang Skin Applications" and fill out each section. Senior Admins will review each application and make a decision as to which gangs will receive a slot, based on a number of factors, ranging from the number of members to overall gang activity. Each month the Senior Admins will review each gang that currently holds a slot and decide whether or not they are remaining active before extending the option to renew. If a gang fails to pay to renew before the 5th of each month they will lose their slot, and must reapply and wait their turn for another to open. Once a gang is selected they may provide their own skin, or work with our Design Team to create one. At this time each gang will be limited to one skin to reduce the workload of our designers, In time we MAY allow gangs to have a second skin If you have any concerns or feedback please reach out to a Senior Admin
  21. Asylum at its core is primarily PVP focused. This is something we have no plans to change, and we have no plans to punish rebels for playing the game as intended. We are more than open to suggestions to increase interaction and RP, but In my opinion this wouldn't solve anything, I fail to see how making it possible to kill nearly every rebel on sight somehow encourages players to RP more.
  22. Akula

    Search indicator

    This has already been suggested and denied as it would just be used as a tool to report players who made a mistake., If you were unjustly searched and the officer takes action based on it you can file an IA report. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/123155-search/#comment-882234
  23. Please join us in congratulating our newest moderators: @Austin M @Junker @Niels @Smurfyslaw We have also added new support members: @Hubschrauber @Canna Feel free to reach out to them for any assistance you may need. - Asylum Staff
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