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  1. Dayz is the new Arma hmu if you tryna run it up sometime!!!
  2. Xehons


    Well this is actually a Topic I have been researching for a while now ever since my ex left so basically the bite force of a grizzly bear is 1,200 pounds per inch (PPI) that may seem impressive but wait until I tell you about the young bruh silver back gorilla He has a bite force of 1,300! Crazy! But now lets see where do these two live? The gorilla lives in Africa around the Congo and our zzgrizz lives mainly in North America possible South America but I didn’t look it up so the chance of this epic battle ever happening is quite slim but on the bright side a pit Bill is basically a tiny bear so if we can get a gorilla and a pit bull together this will be approximately about the same
  3. yo who tf leaked this?
  4. use a ahk to spam enter it works great
  5. why did you have to be toxic in the first place when he was trying to help u out?
  6. My favorite since day one thanks for banning me for a month for VDM still love you
  7. i told you i was the next tiger rawr xdddd shout out prime for hacking and still donating me clips @Tiger @Winchester shout out @Connor McGregor for the trusted friend tag in explicit and killing asylum because of gang wars shout out guild nibbas and stellar like it or not this game is dead so this is my last montage im not getting more clips cause I dont play so im just gonna upload these cause they still fire
  8. dont remove shot guns they do what they are ment to do which is be a shotgun ofcourse its a 1 hit kill upclose are you dumb?
  9. your profile picture offend me can u change it
  10. @Tiger @william are my 2 fave farmers hit them up!!!!
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