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  1. i told you i was the next tiger rawr xdddd shout out prime for hacking and still donating me clips @Tiger @Winchester shout out @Connor McGregor for the trusted friend tag in explicit and killing asylum because of gang wars shout out guild nibbas and stellar like it or not this game is dead so this is my last montage im not getting more clips cause I dont play so im just gonna upload these cause they still fire
  2. dont remove shot guns they do what they are ment to do which is be a shotgun ofcourse its a 1 hit kill upclose are you dumb?
  3. your profile picture offend me can u change it
  4. Xehons

    Rust Gamers

    @Tiger @william are my 2 fave farmers hit them up!!!!
  5. this is actually not bad how long did it take you? @eazy:(
  6. specifically the part where governor can raise taxes to twenty percent which I find outrages and unnecessary, if it were my server I would nerf the amount from 20 to 5 percent, 10 percent max, the role doesnt offer anything to roleplay its just kind of there to feed peoples pockets from exploiting new players to vote for them.
  7. I think they know no one wants the fucking taxes
  8. Governor is currently controled by one kavala retard and his brothers which is basically like botting the votes, and by this he has no competition therefor he always has 20% taxes ever since governor has been buffed extremely everything someone buys gets taxed heavily and the money goes to their bank account and governor can make 8,000,000 in 7 days, it is the most broken money making method out right now easier and far better than duping, it needs to be removed or nerfed something this broken shouldn't be in a server thats main focous is grinding.
  9. wasnt there a military shotgun in the trailer too?
  10. guns are still affected what do you mean?
  11. Remove or nerf governor why should one kavala retard control the servers economy up to 20% either remove this insanely broken role where you can make 10 mill each week or nerf it also it shouldn't affect rebel stores
  12. Xehons

    dike dyck

    Lil worm would like to collab, please contact him on steam about the details. - his manager
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