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  1. i'm brutal i don't need an app. i cucked cunts left right and centre. 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m and so on that's my application accept me or fuck off ps. i won't actually ever play
  2. exactly it's sad, paratus killed asylum, and you had to recruit him, asylum was the greatest server in video game history..
  3. i could have joined the proper nv this ain't the proper nv, wanq would admit the same, asylum is dead.. that is why you are in envy.
  4. and got kills left right and centre if asylum was like back in the day envy would have scrapped you in the trash can FACT actually shocked that wanq actually allows you in the teamspeak that is literally the only reason you are in envy.. envy lowered their standards.. which is sad, asylum died. the old wanq would never have accepted you
  5. of course it killed asylum, 6.0 was the gradual decline to it's death now it's full of 'independent' slayers but still gets 100 players so paratus doesn't care but asylum WAS THE server to come to the old gangs will be forever missed
  6. late edit.. but god i still miss those asylum days the drama, everyone you killed at a cartel you knew.. never experienced such good times in a video game before and envy is full of amazing guys apart from tom
  7. you can tell asylums dead when envy recruits tom.. geez
  8. when a decent loadout costs 30k.. who wants to play asylum died ages ago
  9. Current Gang: Mayhem 15.0Past Gangs: Mayhem, One New Enemy, Titan, Reliance say nothing. kid shit gangs.. mean nothing
  10. do what i do and comment back, you simply can't.. one does not simply become the brutal
  11. the sherminator and the brutalinator.. i get girls and kill guys left right and centre the sherminator only dreams about girls that's the difference
  12. "are they gay" like wtf is this bullshit man 1/10 most pathetic shit i've honestly ever seen nothing happens.. like are you trying to do the WORM? are you scotty 2 hotty, no you aaint girll
  13. one does not simply shoot at BrutaL and hit.. one does simply miss He's the hero asylum deserves, but not the one it needs right now. the BrutaL is a god. a god of many faces as you have already seen ps, arya is hotttt although not when she shaves her hair , then she looks like andrewfam
  14. damn right my son.. it was like a crazy fest of lions and fucking zebras and fucking tigers every time you killed someone.. you knew who it was
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