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  1. UC you dont even play anymore i think your the irrelevant one now
  2. true true @Pippi spells better than myself
  3. i wonder how old you are LMAO you are probably like 34 still chilling with mom
  4. calls me a retard... thinks i care. Keep replying kid
  5. Ingame Name: tilt Age: 13 Timezone: east Hours: 264 Prev gangs: none i was to good for them Money status(screenshot): 60k ( just bought some strippers)
  6. devman115

    IRL Droning

    what state you a cop in
  7. if you would like you can put in a request to get credits for the duped items you got out of the crate. pls msg me when im admin here in 2078 might have to wait awhile but u have my word i will accept your request.
  8. will buy donor rank 7 if you also throw me pilots
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