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  1. if you would like you can put in a request to get credits for the duped items you got out of the crate. pls msg me when im admin here in 2078 might have to wait awhile but u have my word i will accept your request.
  2. will buy donor rank 7 if you also throw me pilots
  3. did you get banned for this?
  4. In Game Name: AHK.exe Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): only have about 3 and a half hours Previous gangs: non Previous bans, be specific: last time i got banned i was playing csgo and it was because i was using walls i thought it was ok but i guess not Why do you want to be on BLS?:i dont want to be on BLS i wana be in Black Label Society
  5. teamspeak tried everything above any help please ?
  6. @thero @Vortex @eduardo_carvalho16_11 @Jwilly @Space Oh boy..
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