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  1. He tried to become one for a couple and days and give callouts and stuff, he made over half the gang hate him in a day with his calls. I genuinely believe bikstok and clint have a higher chance of becoming a Leader in envy
  2. maybe your grams, the stuff i have the envy boys cooking up is pure (big joke btw) unless?
  3. the army has declared a cease fire and has allowed our team speak to come back online, i repeat Envy teamspeak is back in business anyone who needs the ip message on snap or steam!
  4. act like you wouldn't take a gram for pixels, you know my original real offer but the gram stands.
  5. Wang Liqin


    youve absolutely nailed it on the head with the envy thing, big up ethan lad im going to go ahead and guess you dont live in Ireland and have very little knowledge of the troubles or the "UDA, UVF and the PARAs" if you think the Irish people or their paramilitary are in the slightest bit afraid of the UVF or any other loyalist army, the irish paras are far better trained and funded for a war and have a much better recruitment drive than the protestants. im just sure glad they dont have knifekrime on their side or we would for sure be living in fear of stepping out of hand, wouldnt want big mans like ethan pulling up and cuttin us up.
  6. Wang Liqin


    the guys a white kid called ethan(presumably) who calls himself "KnifeKrime", hes got his problems. If you wanna kill a little time and have a quick laugh have a scroll through his song names and imagine the skinny whitekid who made them, we did it in teamspeak once and got a good laugh. guess those 17k people hold the same opinion as me then considering you only got 30 followers out of it all. i do agree with hoping the paras finish the job. that last sentence is really just beautiful and just adds to your depressed whitekid persona, keep doing you knifekrime big man
  7. Wang Liqin


    Defiantly no surprise your lifes resorted to making emo soundcloud beats if you think the famines still happening, nice touch with the "catholic cunt" tho an absolute classic. You should be thanking me for bringing some publicity to your soundcloud, my post got 12 likes thats probably the most attraction its got, ever.
  8. Wang Liqin


    cant wait for eazys new soundcloud mixtape after this one
  9. whens the leader board for the banlist coming out, gotta get some envy tags on one of these lists
  10. you've changed man

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    2. SharingWriter


      I feel like I don't know you anymore.

    3. Sean That Irish Guy

      Sean That Irish Guy

      You used to be cool man

    4. Rodrigo


      Muppets all of you

  11. shocked no one has made a meme of this yet but here it is, someone get to work
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