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  1. only two of the many, heres two more : ( "im gonna go with azeh i dont trust widsy atm"
  2. I bet you expected this thread to go a whole other direction while you were making this vid "these bitches bouta love this spicy meme" i imagine something like this
  3. oOoO looks like someones going for moderator, when players start going for moderator they always have an essay per post can you all start doing tl;drs for us lazy people you aren't trying to impress
  4. Sorry bros due to the virus, envy have cancelled all their mansion and yacht party's! : ( This sadly means we are currently not recruiting any new bros or djs into the guild, soon the IRA will win in the war against the corona virus and only then can we bringnew bros to the ganggang, toms father has kindly bought us a new 30 million dollar mega mansion for our reunion party when this blows over. Bill has heard your mixtapes @sadmane:( and would like you to dj
  5. my one and only montage, some of my finest work
  6. can confirm we did not think this is you lmao believe me billy if you ever lost a few pounds, steadied up your hand and took a photo of yourself, if someone stumbled across it you would be on our ts banner right beside gnashes in the hall of fame
  7. now now, i thought i was doing a nice thing turning a new leaf and asking for your snapchat name instead of pulling up the database and finding it myself ;( /s nv is a clean cut, by the rules gang
  8. trying just as hard as you did in that post lmao starting with a capital, ending with a period and proper use of "you're" even got the apostrophe and everything! i reduce points for having the edit the post to fix it up tho.. snapchat tho?
  9. ahahaha i remember having almost every admin tell us to stop bullying you because you reported us 10 times a day. good to see you spelled everything correct in that sentence with that crippling arthritis and massive fingers i miss you billy have you a snapchat or something so we can stay in communication
  10. cant wait to have a envy ifrit so we can display our sponsers aimjunkies.com and webstresster.com
  11. Wang Liqin


    It all started first year of university, I and my flatmates adopted this small green alien that made his way safely from the distant lands called "creamfields". He really became a loved member of the family and through all the house parties all the guests loved him and he grew many fans over the years which then demanded merch which brings me here. He himself alone runs a herbs and spices businesses and so far only has stickers to give to his fans so hes looking to 3d print a model of himself to get mass produced asap. and there you have the story of johnpaul
  12. Wang Liqin


    This would be the thing I would be looking made, would he be simple enough to make? size is legit like the size of a coke can or smaller
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