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Backpack Full Notification

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There should be a sound effect that plays when your inventory becomes full while you are gathering/mining. It could sound like a backpack zipper. This would be incredibly useful to players who aren't looking at the screen while gathering. A tiny addition, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful.

It would also be very easy for the devs to add, because there is already a text notification when your backpack is full and you cannot continue gathering. Just pop a playSound in there, and you're done.


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45 minutes ago, P.FitzWallace said:

While I think that may be helpful, most of the gatherings, mining, metal detecting, excavating, etc. All have sound effects attached to them, which stop when you fill up 

No, most of them don't. And with the ones that do, the sound does not continue the whole time you are gathering, either. It just plays at the start.

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