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  1. sounds like fun... Goodluck and remember... NO SPEEDING!!!!!!
  2. Is this a call out !!!!!! (Im asking cause i didnt read it)
  3. Application Hours(with a screenshot) 933 https://gyazo.com/379981b3a0fd50e01ef9e62ae6ffc0ed Age: 21 Previous gangs: no gangs Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them. probably but dont know really who they are because i play cop with them. How active are you, realistically? Very often on unless im writing then i will not be on everyday more like weekends and some week days.
  4. salty and when did i ever tell someone i would report them lol.
  5. If someone is restrained/downed by an officer or has said to an officer im turning my self in then the bounty hunter is not allowed to take him.
  6. jaredo1201

    APD Training

    When will trainings start again??
  7. jaredo1201

    APD Training

    Hows the training server doing??
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