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  1. you must have missed the year long ddos that happened which made all the gangs leave way before strife ever came out
  2. strife didnt kill the servers lol
  3. aren't you a trial? removed from APD
  4. +110 good player, chill guy used to play with him back in a bunch of gangs
  5. https://gyazo.com/d15cfc0536636f74ab1072ebc850ab52 ACTIVEGANG
  6. Dork

    Change log 8.1.7

    people are actually saying you fixed most of the problems.. so you fixed in a week what asylum staff couldnt in 2+ year
  7. cant you still orca glitch it ?
  8. lmfao, no fucking lie that looks like a young ass josh peck
  9. you dont know me at all then
  10. tldr past first sentence, but the phrase is risk=reward. dont run drugs until you know you can handle it.
  11. we used to do banks and feds and prisons with more than that on with group cap implemented to 12 people. stop fucking whining and learn how to shoot. you guys are all pampered idiots cause your parents probably do meth.
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