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  1. +1
  2. you dont post olympus montages on asylum fourms
  3. -1 the song is not that good too much base and you didn’t get that many clips the montage was not 3 mins long and I wanna see you shoot ppl out of ifrits
  4. a
  5. nice tage
  6. Dose that look familiar with the 23 accnt that u have ? xD
  7. your banned from everything (Battleye: Global Ban #Of6328)
  8. rahim - perm - hacking
  9. Bienvenue ici j'appelle tous les gros bouy, mais si vous avez besoin d'un gang, je pense que c gang recrute
  10. not my stream fat boy
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/noliver
  12. The black bars are the size of crunches forehead
  13. No i think you all just have small brains like no other gang sits in ts and goes OK boys here is the game plan
  14. +1