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  1. other then 09 and 21, we had more on that leader board then yall hello??
  2. life time stats yall are on top of cuz yall main the server, yet these are the leaderboards every domination. LMAO. proof yall just dont get fucking pushed
  3. Proud


    ur a moron if u believe that
  4. in hopes of being unbanned one day, as sinity leader said, "now that i am banned i have this constant feeling of regret and it is really weighing me down in terms of my mental health" banned, miserable, n addicted.
  5. its just so simple for mafia 47
  6. Proud


    everyone thinks i dont have my life on track but only on so much waiting for college to start at the beginning of the new year, just got a lot of free time till then. besides everything on arma happens in the morning for me, i just go out after lmao
  7. Planning on coming back n playing a bit, see you's around
  8. mate im just not gonna argue w u anymore, idc what u say ik the truth n the truth is that was some nutty ass fuckin flick also to explain it btw, incase ur little brain didnt process it, i ran up the rock and was watching banana rocks then looked at east cubby, and then i flicked onto him, my crosshair being so close to him is just common knowledge of crosshair placement when running over banana rocks like that its really funny that ur so convinced that i frame skipped
  9. didnt even skip frames, ill show raw clip https://medal.tv/clips/18917914/d1337ym45ugs dont even try to accuse me of frame skipping u bingo winged 50 accented fat fucking degenerate
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