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  1. opfor always been best cuz of csats
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/ce5dc6ce4b25cbaad2494464bba210be.mp4 ns:(
  3. having one more domination in a week so instead of it being 3 a week its 4 a week preferably sunday because people would be more free and have it at 3pm so no other server events get in the way.
  4. we should be able to, just sayin
  5. too ez goodshit
  6. question mark gang cuz it look like they confused goodshit
  7. other then 09 and 21, we had more on that leader board then yall hello??
  8. life time stats yall are on top of cuz yall main the server, yet these are the leaderboards every domination. LMAO. proof yall just dont get fucking pushed
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