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  1. Pvp content on atlas at twitch 


  2. GhostShotTV on twitch for Atlas pvp


  3. no no he wasn't he def isnt bright doing 100-400 damage to a brig ohh and on top of that we told him not to leave his harbor we are raiding these guys again tonight we only brought 1 bear last night and our ally accidently flamed it to death cause his name didnt load up we thought it was on purpose we almost sunk and raided our allies but he showed us the video so we going back tonight
  4. https://gyazo.com/cf701b570791d054adc8fd25694e4a91 Look ESP ban him quick
  5. how much they pay her? you see how he slaps her ass he fears she gonna beat his ass for touching her ass His neck so long that the milk expires before it hits his stomach
  6. hahahaha you recoil yusheng your dogshit without rested bipod lulz
  7. he is bi-podded on a car dipshit look in the top corner of his screen https://gyazo.com/affe2af9222d7410e375e3a76f2e69c9
  8. Legit seen someone that was using rpg's the other day get a perm ban for duping don't believe me ask admins how many 911 got banned for duping
  9. bang your right make them evidence locker Sheriff Rick wants to talk about adapting to change yet their gang hasn't successfully won a fight against Asydidas we are far more advanced players and we fight gangs that legit dupe money/gear making RPG's common for us. The RPG thing isn't just cartels they need to be either removed in general or added to a harder to get source. Mainly the cartel situation, I shouldn't have to push cap every time and worry about being hit by an explosion that is on Banana, castle and even vender which are the main pushes and it makes fighting tower caps harder imagine wanting to fight drug cartel or northern wongs but you cant because gangs sit on towers and hit every vehicle armored or not with rpg's
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