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  1. Idk you but you seem coo gl
  2. no @ i cri
  3. That’s a completely different person. Wtf
  4. hi

    Woah bro
  5. alot better than that garbage i made
  6. @Crunchedd U got a big forehead @Cory B Ur Cory B thats enough @SafeMode ur adopted but i love u @Sugarfoot Have my kids @N I B R O C AND UR A BITCH !
  7. If i didnt kill the kid. The heli wouldnt of blown up. So technically i caused a chain reaction of the crates dropping causing the heli to go boom boom. so technically yes i did blow it up.
  8. says the one who is on alrp 24/7. Bot
  9. hey ur bad too! kid! ;(
  10. why r we calling connor a cheater
  11. damn impressive. +1
  12. Wot. its concentration camp themed
  13. o fuck u
  15. i just float about
  16. oh that my geforce experience was like complete ass fucking me. but i just needed to update and it fixed so we gucci, And the screen that flickers is just the teamspeak i was in
  17. i tap that kid in a different clip. i didnt die till i potato'd on a kid then got sdar rushed from above me xd
  18. I approve +1
  19. Chase Ur a bot +1
  20. I'm 100% just curious
  21. Server wasn't lagging at all though. I just want you to answer this on the server you defended you were wall rocks and that you were behind me,yet on forums you plainly say it was just server lag you don't even bring up the fact that you were " at wall rocks" so. There's two different stories with you.