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  1. ur such a freak u took ur time 2 find a vid and timestamp it from 2 years ago ur fucking weird
  2. phahahahhahaahhahaahaahhaahahahaahhahaha ur fuuny
  3. hello page, how old is your sister again?🙂 [ asking for a friend]

  4. this ? gang was 2 scared to push og its embarrassing and cozza 1v4'd them ahhaa
  5. Wiped ti on cap again they logged straight after so easy zzzzzzz
  6. zzzz making TI log already server is so easy
  7. ive opened so many creates got justin bieber and its says credits have been added 2 ur account but nothing is being added

    1. BlackShot


      If you go to My Asylum, you should see your credits there. In order to use them, you would have to make a donor support ticket by clicking here. There isn't an automated system to do that just yet. Does that answer your question?

    2. Jesse


      The automated transfer if system should come soon. We are incorporating it in the my asylum stuff. 

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