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  1. im allergic to immigrants and pakis and in this case you are both so go tie a noose you useless human being
  2. stop posting on this thread you fucking retard, u have nothing to do with this gang
  3. ved u sleep in the same bed with your brother. miss u
  4. wtf is this song and this fov?
  5. idk, I dont play arma
  6. I just wanted to say something bad and the only thing what I can say is why post an olympus montage here? Nice tag lil page gay friend
  7. Noliver.

    CSGO 1

    nobody wants to play with you
  8. hahahahaha, u where my farm bot
  9. William I know how bad you are at rust xd
  10. I remeber you saying you will never want to be a staff member xd
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