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  1. My frat dues r $4000 a year u broke bois could never

    1. salty.connor


      ur parents are paying for you broke ass asian 

    2. tom


      penn state frats 🤮

    3. bunni


      @tom if ur school isnt sec or big10 ur pledge process is SOFT

  2. i stole a palette of whiteclaws from a low tier fraternity and hav been getting deathreats from their pnms
  3. The best at sucking
  4. yes and make it stratis
  5. bunni

    trump 2020

    Even though liberals are uneducated and stupid and support socialism, open borders, and cultural marxism I can still have disagreements and be friends with uneducated and stupid people!
  6. bunni

    trump 2020

    multiple women accuse every student athlete of the same thing and every time its turns out to be a grab for attention or for some stupid reason like they broke up w them or something. Ofc Trump the most hated president ever is gunna get accusations but every one of them has been proved not-guilty. #Grabembythepussy
  7. bunni

    trump 2020

    Trump isnt a pedo or racist but maybe a little homophobic, not too shabby. biden tho dude says he likes getting touched by little girls at the pool mega sus
  8. bunni

    trump 2020

    dementia joe can suck it
  9. Broke the loss streak by locking in akali support to try to make team dodge. They didnt but i went ape shit gg
  10. someone help, went from silver 4 - bronze 2 with 15 LP. Haven't won a game in 2 days...
  11. wow man, just saw this good stuff!
  12. Do you get anything? Or is it a "give free work for recognition" kind of thing
  13. i was brain washed by a black square on instagram

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