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  1. Jimmy Jarvis

    Crying wars 8

    Gangs won't be bitches if the event is ran properly
  2. zin on their holiday waiting for V2
  3. The house or gang tags never delivered don't use that excuse haha no one is gonna play the server before v2 anyways
  4. I still don't see a gang house next to rebel in my spawn option... but you're right Roice! people that complain about not getting the prizes for winning a competition are so retarded!
  5. Try hand out the rewards this time
  6. You're not gonna get much else out of your server
  7. Community Goals should be new features not necessary features if you buy the house closest to rebel you have to go even further than going to therisa because of this system which punishes something you should be heavily benefited for
  8. ok keep your conspiracy theory
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