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  1. starting off with an offer of 2k bitcoin
  2. You literally cannot read stop hitting them cbd juul's you broke retard
  3. are you fucking retarded the audio skips and the frame skips a mk1 shot literally doubles over the other one and you move into a completely different position when did I accuse you of purposely skipping it?
  4. you retards can't be real https://gyazo.com/c198aa0cd6e5507d1622cd8dd05261f5 this is the most obvious frame skip I've seen in my life nigga legit teleports forward and you think it's a flick
  5. good job you broke the server
  6. day 2 on asylum.. still looking for competition
  7. Successful first day the boy's were unstoppable..
  8. makes hype beast skins in arma cause can't afford irl
  9. Requirements - Knowledge of cartels - 1500 Hours - Financially Stable - Active Application Template Name: Arma Hours: Reason for wanting to join: Previous gangs: Vouches:
  10. Gangs won't be bitches if the event is ran properly
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