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  1. I currently am trying to buy the shed about 800m west of skip on the main road for a price around 300k will negotiate. If you know who or own this she'd please msg me very interested
  2. Bought
  3. I'll give 325k because it is far from ephedra
  4. It's not worth to much unless you find a hardcore bounty Hunter with Apex predator and I'm tryna run meth out it so it's a little out the way
  5. 300 and I can probs buy tomorrow
  6. I'll do 275
  7. Oh lol whoops
  8. Also you with darka and Drake?
  9. So 300k for shed then?
  10. I'll also give you 200k for the house a couple days after I get the shed @WilliamIsa
  11. 300 and you got a deal eventually
  12. I'll buy the house for 200k
  13. @Barkin I can do 250k
  14. @Mr12InchOnSlackill give 200k