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  1. Zipties automatically unrestrain in 10 minutes. Its kinda a dick move to leave them there but its not against the rules.
  2. That's strange. lol whatta champ running around with csat and sdar.
  3. forgive me if im wrong but that sounds like an sdar
  4. those are both sky tanks...
  5. thanks!
  6. Headphones also dont work, changes sound level from 100% to 100%.
  7. pretty sure the MK got you from the side...
  8. when you go pit with a ump...
  9. Yep, these guys did a fed once when I was on and just said "no english" till they were sent to jail.
  10. lol I booted up asylum to play the new patch, bought a debit card and got perma banned by BABS.
  11. entry number something