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  1. Trust me, it's for the best
  2. yeah good one, you were cheating cya
  3. never trust a weeabo
  4. "i'm pretty sure your not allowed to do this" - Uploads to forums
  5. Crunched you do truly have autism
  6. See, Instinct is an active gang
  7. Nah bro, Spider-Man was in instinct and he made us proud
  8. He got banned for pm'ing every admin and calling them a n*****. I'd like to see you do better
  9. The fact that you know when my birthday is worries me
  10. Bitch that is not me
  11. New patch
  12. Shit is fire sign him up boys
  13. No he wasn't available for recording, he was too busy sending me Snapchats of his balls. Swiftly got deleted.
  14. @Roicesb