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  1. Nice shots, I had a lot of fun responding to those prison breaks and banks.
  2. I want to find him in game now just to mess with him.
  3. This is amazing 10/10
  4. I want to buy that garage in pyrgos. im currently on and standing right outside it. are you able to come online anytime soon?
  5. how much do you want for it?
  6. i have been wanting to buy a rebel house near kavala rebel, or pyrgos rebel. if you have one please send a screenshot of where it is on the map and a brief description on what kind of house it is and how much you want for it.
  7. UPDATE: i have decided- if you cant beat em' join em'. i have been turning in bounties left and right. I still think its OP, but if its not going to be removed, why not take advantage.
  8. 19
  9. Amazing video!! you are insane!!!
  10. really like the video, nice job dude.
  11. It was a terrible idea to let the bounty hunters restrain their bounties without them having to put their hands up. Earlier today in server 3 an admin temporarily let us become prostitutes. once you hit $4,200 you had to run and deposit the money to continue. when i ran to deposit there was a bounty hunter who was waiting there and ran up behind me and restrained me, and continued to put me into his vehicle. I have also been restrained when attempting to heal myself at the hospital. how are we supposed to defend ourselves as a rebel when ANYONE could be a bounty hunter and come behind us and restrain without saying a single word. Also its unrealistic, in the real world people cant go and handcuff someone in 2 seconds without any resistance. if someone tried to restrain me i would fight him off. i think this gives bounty hunters an unfair advantage and should be removed immediately.