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  1. BTW, back on this account.
  2. Satan


    Bump. Currently looking for another recruit. Feel free to PM me and Addon or post here.
  3. He's been offline all night so I'll pm him the responses when he's on his Macbook. Thanks guys.
  4. Addon: ok so last night i booted my pc on my hard drive instead of my ssd and it crashed when i got to windows 7. so i tried to boot as my ssd and it boots as windows 7 still instead. idk how to fix it. i set boot priority and changed it in bios but it still isn't booting as my ssd. when i run as my hdd it just crashes because my windows 7 on there is broken for some odd reason
  5. Satan


    Bump. If you do not feel comfortable posting your application here, please PM me and Addon.
  6. Satan


    Wanting to buy a new keyboard cause I'm still rockin the stock that came with my PC. Any suggestions? I have no idea what's good and what's bad.
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