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  1. gl
  2. What if we rotated the rotation rotating the rotating fields to rotate the gameplay making it more interesting
  3. I've really been wanting to get together a nice Rust team.
  4. +1 10/10 are hyped
  5. Pic?
  6. Same with some of the gangs I've noticed on s2. They talk about how shite you are, killing you right off spawn and such then when you actually have gear and end up killing 4 of them they whine and whine about RDM (when you initiated before firing) and whatever else they can think of.
  7. Maybe just add some stuff into the map, new money making opportunities, new activities because no one does laser tag
  8. Yes, apex is needed sadly though there are other ways to make good money!
  9. +1 except sofia rebel
  10. Good man!
  11. rip them
  12. this is beautiful
  13. would have to be highly regulated