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  1. Yeah that’s sorta the whole point, startis is half the size therefore they should limit the player population as it’s a “over flow server” and the other server will still thrive. Also, this server would only pop up if the other server was full anyways so it wouldn’t divide the player pop by much anyways. The map literally answers your concerns above. my boy Mitch is adamant on another altis server but 90% of the player base wants something new and keep begging
  2. Tanoa has so many issues and had the lowest server population after the initial excitement and craze. I do believe Mitch needs to change the map up but I’m just not sure Tanoa is the best alternative. Realistically Startis seems to be the most liable option for population, map size, and backup server options
  3. Please do Stratis. I thought Y'all had the files from server 5 still. It's a smaller map encouraging more gang fights and Altis is just so boring after years of it. Take us back to the stratis days
  4. Yeah stratis was a thing a few years back. I'd honestly enjoy having it as whats the point in having another large scale Altis as an overflow when houses and other functions would be rendered useless on such a large map. Instead we have Stratis on a smaller scale which could encourage more fights for gangs and something fresh in the community
  5. When both the server and TS take a shit leaving you likeGood Luck Charlie Idk GIF

  6. @Lucien has been non stop about wanting to join your gang, please let the poor kid in. I'm worried he's going to throw a tantrum and tell his boys to wear yellow at school tomorrow
  7. I'll give you 2 redgulls and an apple, maybe a water bottle too if I'm feeling generous
  8. When mason makes actual ifrit skins and not just colors
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