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  1. So you said you were chasing a bounty with the police and had to shoot the cops right? When you buy the license it says police have the authority in that situation and you can only act on your bounty when police are not already making contact. When you buy the license please read the little pop up paragraph. It clearly states to not attempt to take the bounty when police are involved, no matter if you downed him or not. In that case you indeed DID abuse the license by using a legal firearm on police and trying to take a bounty from police. Therefore, we have the right to t
  2. The SPAR-16 is legal for bounty hunters therefore if you use this LEGAL firearm against POLICE, then yes, your right to buy a higher caliber rifle will be revoked for the restart versus the illegal option. It's just like using a Hunter against police, they're legal till you abuse them. If you're truly using these weapons for bounty hunting, then shooting at cops and getting your license revoked for the restart wouldn't be an issue. The bounty hunter faction isn't built for rebels killing cops fam. It's for bounty hunting... Pretty sure it even says that when you buy the license.
  3. - sure, but that’s life. It can go either way. - get better at laying spikes, it’s not supposed to be easy as it’s an instant tire popper. I can’t count how many kids have gotten spiked off-road. Besides, why don’t you have cops spike their destination and use teamwork? - 20mil? Okay, didn’t ask my man they’re still extremely cheap compared to rebels. I’m talking about the average constable. - “instant” meaning we spawn with literal spar-16’s and a tac vest while civs spawn naked. Didn’t talk about the load out system. - yes they do, but they must drive to a rebel, gear
  4. If this did indeed occur then you’re more than welcome to submit an IA. However, did you have the correct licenses for the firearm? Many non bounty hunters try to carry the spar around and trick cops
  5. Rebels are supposed to be at an advantage. Cops have large numbers, spike strips, cheap and instant load outs, and spawn points all over the map. This makes it balanced as rebels spawn in city’s and have to go to rebel and have much more expensive kits and such. what you should be advocating for, in my opinion, are vehicle disablement trainings to counter this issue.
  6. I actually like this. That corner of the map is so empty it hurts and this would be so easy to fill in space
  7. ohhhh okay, it's cute seeing kav rats spread their legs to rodo and learn new big fancy words. Make's me feel old ya know
  8. it's quite the opposite actually cause nobodys malding. If anything we're laughing at y'all
  9. In-game name : skimancole Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : play like 80 to 100 hours per 2 weeks depends Previous Gangs : Requiem, Stellar, Jeep Guild, etc NA/EU? : NA Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?: idk
  10. Wait so you complain about realism, then follow it up by complaining why cops are sitting in towns and patrolling? Yes police do this in “real life” too. My man that’s not how that works also, it seems you’ve most likely only been spawning in Kavala. If you really want to live in a peaceful town then spawn Sofia. It’s probably the most dead town in all of Altis.
  11. i mean there's a staircase on the side of the command center but that works too haha
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