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  1. The new mental with the vehicle spawning inside is MUCH better than having to leave the compound and getting fucked by cops. The area is also better as it's closer to both Rebel and HQ. While yes the sand sucks, there's a dirt road to the right that you could take and the trees offer concealment for the cops to actually push in. This makes it a much more balanced fight for both cops and rebels with a quicker response rate for the cops for more action.
  2. Heli pad is protected in the back and out of the way, and the vehicles aren't just straight across the gate (Like B's) but have some cover from shooters and VDMr's to the right as they have to make that turn.
  3. I swear people scroll as fast as they can through the forums without reading the actual topics/titles. A new suggestion thread which is WAY more streamlined and that Dev's actually Accept/Deny was created. It's the second topic on the forums.. You can find it here
  4. We can do this as admin events on the main server
  5. From the APD Guidebook - Processing > Seizing -- An area must be deemed "All Clear" by the highest ranking officer on the scene before any vehicles can be impounded or seized. However vehicles may be seized in combat if you are at the HQ. You may search/seize contraband from a player or vehicle at any time or place, even if in combat Haven't you been a cop for a while now? You should know you can seize illegal items/contraband at ANY point or time...
  6. If we could do it I'd love it. Unlike @Patato, it's by far my favorite event to host on a busy day on the server. I WILL admit it's quite difficult to get rebels to actually attack and find that balance that makes it fair for the cops but also the rebels so it doesn't end in a few minutes. When admins host these, people KNOW there are admins watching, but STILL VDM/use explosives/ blah blah blah so having no admins will be... yikes.. Also, rebels are pretty lazy now and like to just sit at fed events to kill cops. Have you noticed there are almost no shippings now?
  7. Also the “can’t seize in combat” should be removed in HQ’s
  8. if something has been denied. Please don't create another post within literally a few days mr @operatorjohnny^
  9. honestly, the easiest solution to this is to change pressing plates back to reducing their bounty instead of their time
  10. this is just drug runner with extra steps this is a suggestions forum. please stay on topic
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