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  1. They really just got wiped by a man with a carryall backpack
  2. Yes until sometime in Oct. @bigjohn561
  3. Yes I agreee we don’t push enough and yes I agree we need more training (hopefully the revamped training team will fix that). When we have numbers we still fail (keep in mind we’re pushing however so numbers aren’t always a set win for us) But, you also need to remember 75% of the APD from what I’ve seen literally have under 50 hours on civ when they apply. Meaning 75% of the APD are newer players who just don’t have a great skill set. All we can do is increase trainings to offset this and teach them the basic mechanics of the game, but just keep in mind the skill level of the players is a factor as well.
  4. Damn you really got me there. Sick comeback
  5. Y’all seem to be overlooking “Captain only vehicle” on the patch notes. Did you see a captain in that pic? one of the restrained kids was making fun of us for not pulling it too 95% of these fights we won’t have a captain to pull one..
  6. Sir I’ll have you know my mom says I’m very handsome
  7. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/24795/    Hello, I did not browse the information online two days ago. I just saw it today. This link means that I have 48 Heidelberg cards and cannot be taken out because of the card inventory. Need compensation

  8. The developers work extremely hard to push out new experiences/updates on an old game and a veteran server. Attacking them wont make you any more heard. It's not a lack of coding knowledge, that's a pretty easy function in all honesty. It's more of a matter of "why"? The reason you get money from these bodybags is because players work hard to find, track, and restrain these bounties only for them to DC and the player doesn't get rewarded for their actions. If you really cared about RP and you say "you actually only care for the $$ not role-play" then you'd understand why allowing players to CL makes no sense RP wise. This is a light RP server nether less. Look, you have some alright suggestions in this mess and I appreciate that and your effort to put some suggestions out there. However, some of your suggestions are just... eh
  9. It's always been this way dog. A kid could theoretically shoot you in the leg and as long as you shoot back he can kill you. This rule hasn't changed. Now I do believe its a bs rule tho
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