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  1. It was changed for a reason, crank was never meant to be an easy drug you could do from the window of your house and police couldn't do anything about it. People took advantage and change happened. It's already an easier alternative to those who were too scared to go to meth.
  2. I mean they’re technically bounty hunter equipment. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you can pull ifrits as a bounty hunter either as the talents clash
  3. So no hate, but #1 why in the absolute hell would a federal building be favored towards rebels it’s supposed to be hard and the walls shouldn’t have been able to be knocked down anyways that’s why gates surround the place (which I understand you initially had no issue with) but they have made spike strips through the roof expensive for cops. You’re not supposed to win every fight, there’s supposed to be risk. That’s literally the whole thrill of it. #2 understand that not everybody plays this server for only combat. Police and civilians alike would like to interact with one another and actually role play. It might be fun killing cops with 7.62’s and armour stacking while we rush with 6.5’s and tac vests but every single day for hours on end isn’t what this server is meant for. Everybody plays for different reasons and no server is going to be completely perfect. also, that poll was posted and it was a very even outcome on both sides. Please stop spitting out that it was completely defeated. I also played civ for a shit load of hours and understand before I recently have been playing cop a shit load and I made that poll. Again no hate and if you want to discuss this further you can always find me on TS or PM me But you can still use hunters?
  4. Hunters wouldn’t be illegal. Only if they’re used ILLEGALLY should they be seized. You can drive around in a hunter all day bounty hunting and a cop can’t do anything unless you use the hunter in an illegal manner.
  5. You're not wrong we do need more training, and SWAT is still so new and only one training or so has even taken place so most officers are still unsure of how to integrate SWAT into their combat.
  6. Lol no tears just irritated. I've also never posted anything like this and usually keep quiet. Y'all are the onne bringing toxicity into this post Againn I have no clue what you're talking about, this is my opinion. No need to get mad gamer
  7. When you were a cop kids didn't constantly trigger feds every 10 minutes. Feds used to be fun but now most police dontn want to even get on anymore. As with any bounty hunter gear Hunters should be seized if used illegally. You even included the legal word. Instead of pussyfooting why dont you take out ifrits? We all know you take out hunters because you dont want them seized and know you can abuse them
  8. You can do that with ifrits. I have plenty of fun but constant Feds aren't my definition of fun
  9. I know this has been said before but I could care less and want attention brought to it. Put a cooldown between federal events and maybe even redesign and give the fed a whole new overhaul to spice things up. Also give police the option to seize hunters if used illegally, technically BH's shouldn't use the hunters in any illegal fashion as the license states just like any other gear they have. Hunters are being abused rn as a cheap alternative and pussyfooting taking out a ifrit since we can't seize them. Now to address all the kids screaming we get to respawn and we should love combat - I understand Asylum is a light RP server and I love combat as much as any other guy but the constant fed events with 10+ rebels back to back for hours on end is ridiculous and gets old after a few days of nothing but fed events and losing loadouts after loadouts while these kids make millions. This isn't like cartels and the fed's are breaking the economy. These events aren't meant to be the backbone of Asylum and should be hard, suck it up. Also don't complain about our respawns, Y'all all have houses in Telos and respawn there with MK's. Go fight a cartel. This sounds crazy but it's killing any form of cop life. Also I made the poll public so I can see the 20 CEO kids vote no
  10. Honestly I’m down. Firefights would be new and exciting as they could occur at any point versus having to spawn, rush, and die at the banks and feds for hours. Definitely need multiple drop off points for camping deterrents. SWAT should def spawn for cops as well as I’m sure hunters and ifrits will Be protecting the rebels and the cops need some sort of armor and penetrative rounds. the admin events we used to have where the police escorted a load of gold or something were fun too. Maybe if there’s the incentive that cops will be paid if they stop the load just like the rebels will it’d make for more motivation and intense long firefights instead of The two lives and leave mentality.
  11. Aight I'll admit that shotgun shot on me from 100+ meters in kav was dirtyyyyy, shotguns are so broken
  12. Pal, when you rob the fed you get a 10k bounty anyways which warrants probable cause. 9/10 times this is when your vehicle is going to be searched anyways. Not that many cops actually CAMP the fed
  13. This is fat karma after all the ia threats to every single cop that breathes
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