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  1. @Obliteration We definitely don't want Asylum to feel like a farming simulator. That being said, we need to find a good balance, and that is what we are actively working on. You will most likely find price balancing in nearly every patch in the foreseeable future because of how important it is to the Life mod. At the same time though, we don't want to overdue it and make money worthless, so it's unlikely you will see something incredibly drastic all at once, it will be handled over time so we can see how the player base reacts and how the "money making meta" evolves.
  2. There are a number of talents that don’t work / work properly / have correct descriptions. Its on my to do list.
  3. Don’t have a accurate eta for you yet. I’ve heard some people concerned regarding their possessions on S3 and whether or not they would get compensation or access to their stuff again over there. I can assure you that no one should be concerned though. Everyone will get full value for their possessions, regardless of how the situation is handled.
  4. Anything to do with mods will be @Jesse. In regards to the titles... That is intended until we figure out how we want to grant people those titles and achievements, additionally, we might add the titles back and leave it as a legacy reward for people who had the prestige.
  5. Ladies & gentlemen, no longer do we have to live in fear of dropping a gun on the ground for a friend and having it instantly disappear.
  6. Made house hunting annoying.
  7. It (should) be in your bank when you log in.
  8. It will be converted into cold... Hard... Cash.
  9. This is absolutely 100% because of @Farmer Steve. Half the time I was on cop the little bastad was inside of a locked dome. The other half he was in Kavala.
  10. Identity wasn't a disappointment imo. Anyone who was following it from the beginning would have to have known that this would've happened.
  11. Why'd an admin kill you with a jet?
  12. I could be a sergeant bro. If I wanted to.
  13. If anyone has any advantage over another from spending money, no matter how miniscule, BIS will force Bamf to change it. Something as small as donator's debit cards persisting through death caused Bohemia to have an issue with the server. This happened a mere few days ago.
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