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  1. Let me guess.. "I'm sorry I got caught and if I didn't, I would have kept doing it."
  2. Fair enough.
  3. Agreed. Bounty Hunter's have an easier way of kidnapping officers since they can down them. EDIT: If anything, have the script available to keep lethal/non-lethal rounds for civ's separate and allow them to transfer downing rounds from a P07 to even a rook to be more incognito.
  4. How to hide your post after you're done. Literally two steps.
  5. i7 6700k 32GB DDR4 GTX 1070 1TB HDD 200GB SSD
  6. Too much code. Not enough brain. Requesting 20m comp now for being traumatized by this coding.
  7. I 100000000000000000% supported your decision on paying that ticket. I should be on the support team. Lowkey should have alt+f4'd though.
  8. I demand 500k comp for being honeydicked.
  9. First time I ever opened one, I got the combat helmet right off the bat. I feel like you got fucked harder than someone opening cases on CSGO.
  10. Thanks for the information. It probably went to my bank then.
  11. Also, your compensation thing for Discord. Does it go the mailbox or my actual money? It said I was approved, yet nothing came in the mailbox lol.
  12. Never heard that happen for anyone. Odd.
  13. I was misinformed, but yeah. It was snagging IP's through it. I can't find the article or get back to it since the owner is currently on leave.
  14. Will be grabbing the article in a few. Gonna snag it from an old gaming community I was in.
  15. So, just to let you all know, Gyazo isn't the best choice to use for screenshot software, seeing as how people are literally able to inject a virus into it. I suggest either using ShareX or Lightshot, due to safety reason.