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  1. I'm positive I've played with 90% of the Sergeants on P2. With the inactive ones being removed this month, there's none that would deem me a troll still. Idk, but like I said, big slap in the face after everything I've worked to try and 'improve' my appearance.
  2. It's not me being promoted; it was the feedback. Not worth coming back since I did what you said and still recieved the same feedback.
  3. Thank you, Skittles. It was nice playing with you.
  4. I said "and everyone else" you dingus.
  5. P2 was the server I started on, have a house on, and know almost everyone (whether there are good or bad relations). I worked my ass off to be where I was. I'll think about it, but for right now I feel like I've been slapped in the face by a freight train. The only thing that could convince me is how active the Sergeants/Lieutenants are.
  6. Literally was the same shit as last month. Not gonna deal with being called a troll when I'm actually not. Someone is biased against me and I'm backing away from that shit.
  7. Definitely gonna get Siege soon, so yeah.
  8. Literally I've done nothing but act serious while playing as cop on P2, but I'm merely labeled as a 'troll' and a 'nobody'. Not even worth being on the server anymore. P2 LTs, you lost a damn good Constable. Deuces, BasicallyImAGrizzlyBear Big thanks to @Alshiq Fatarra @Mitch (IFRIT) Alex, Kevin, Urbanowski, Revise, and everyone else who saw the good in me. I'll miss you guys. I'll probably hop on once in a while, but not touching cop.
  9. A lot of people I know say it was poorly done, but I love it. My artist actually did this while he had a broken wrist.
  10. Let me guess.. "I'm sorry I got caught and if I didn't, I would have kept doing it."
  11. Fair enough.
  12. Agreed. Bounty Hunter's have an easier way of kidnapping officers since they can down them. EDIT: If anything, have the script available to keep lethal/non-lethal rounds for civ's separate and allow them to transfer downing rounds from a P07 to even a rook to be more incognito.
  13. i7 6700k 32GB DDR4 GTX 1070 1TB HDD 200GB SSD
  14. Too much code. Not enough brain. Requesting 20m comp now for being traumatized by this coding.
  15. I 100000000000000000% supported your decision on paying that ticket. I should be on the support team. Lowkey should have alt+f4'd though.