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  1. happy thanksgiving friends
  2. you left 3 pins standing
  3. damn, wish I could play grats on the fix
  4. BH shouldnt be able to hunt anyone under 50k.
  5. bum41

    El Camino

    could have been better also this
  6. super niche server on a niche game... thats 6 years old. Asylum would thrive if Arma was bigger.
  7. bum41

    CSGO Montage

    not a single one of those frags are worth making a montage out of. also, my guy, record in 4k if you can. make a recording config. if you want to practice edits but with decent frags look up pro highlights and download the demos - or better yet just download ESEA demos from the highlight reel. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to make frag movies better. watch this.
  8. shit man ive thought about it, but pretty sure if I did id end up in a boy bag rather then court lmao.
  9. 19/hr and there really isnt much else to do, I looked in my guides and I can go into a little detail about what I do. Its like private security for the wealthy.
  10. this is a good idea. thanks its like a couple four hour shifts then 1 6 hour and 1 8 hour. I have some stuff to do, but I get it done within an hour. Other then that I pretty much wait for stuff to happen, but stuff never happens.
  11. not a warehouse fuck that shit. I cant really say but its legal and pays decent. Only 4 hour shifts tho
  12. work gets boring, to the point where I do nothing for hours on end but watch netflix. What should I learn/do in my spare time?
  13. Max ban should only be 1 month for things like RDM, VDM, exploiting, ect. Only perm bans should be cheating/ddosing
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