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  1. bum41

    dont text and drive

    hahahaha bro i didnt know i had u on snap
  2. bum41

    dont text and drive

    how tf do you know about that dudee what
  3. For those who lift, what kind of preworkout/post workout supps do you use and recommend? What is your routine? Also, opinion on this
  4. damn, wish I could play grats on the fix
  5. BH shouldnt be able to hunt anyone under 50k.
  6. bum41

    El Camino

    could have been better also this
  7. super niche server on a niche game... thats 6 years old. Asylum would thrive if Arma was bigger.
  8. bum41

    CSGO Montage

    not a single one of those frags are worth making a montage out of. also, my guy, record in 4k if you can. make a recording config. if you want to practice edits but with decent frags look up pro highlights and download the demos - or better yet just download ESEA demos from the highlight reel. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to make frag movies better. watch this.
  9. shit man ive thought about it, but pretty sure if I did id end up in a boy bag rather then court lmao.
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