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  1. The game is absolute shit. Needs a lot of work, but hopefully it will get the development it needs. I've recently joined an org and have started playing competitively in smaller leagues until qualifiers for the bigger leagues come up. Super fun times tbh.
  2. I mean, yeah, there is a huge difference in kills.
  3. Better KD than me, i'll give you that.
  4. Everyone knew he was nabbing IP's before you made the drama alert post tbh. Atleast smart people knew.
  5. Oh it's definitely sold out atm, but if you wait until cyber monday it might drop a little bit. I'm going to wait until cyber Monday to either buy a 1070 ti or a 1080 which ever drops lower.
  6. GTX 1070 ti just released for $449
  7. lmfao, NO. You're actually bad.
  8. Do you always randomly talk to yourself calling other shit. By the way you missed 85% of your bullets soooooo?
  9. It's a good idea, but something that isn't and never will be needed.
  10. Haven't encountered such an issue yet.
  11. New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 26 seconds before submitting. ^^ she vegan but she got plenty of meat.
  12. You wish you had my neckbeard.
  13. Up to you to decide https://twitter.com/xnicoleanistonx < thats my momma