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  1. With your list of gangs I highly doubt that.
  2. I don't even know who he is but I know from his stupid fucking paragraph he's a fucking awful player and needs to leave Asylum.
  3. Don't act as if you know anything about gang life, or pushing a cartel. If your shit tier gang won't fight a cartel because of people not being tagged up, end your life.
  4. Asylum died at 6.0 stfu
  5. This is the stupidest fucking thing i've ever read on this forums in my ENTIRE LIFE. You're an absolute fucking idiot and should never post on here again. I lost fucking braincells reading this you uneducated little shitter.
  6. Yeah because you were around for it..?
  7. As good a fighter as always.
  8. Chats just spamming JAMAL JAMAL JAMAL. To bad 90% of this community has no clue who he is.
  9. Oh definitely, it's almost a different game imo. There's just updates that were pushed, either by Asylum itself or by Arma 3 dev's that drove me away, and many of my friends feel the same. Can't speak for other players from the old community though.
  10. Sucks to see how far this game has fallen. All of Jeremys Arma videos are fucking nuts.
  11. @explicit as if anyone knew this kid was even gone.
  12. haHAA
  13. I think so.
  14. I fuck you and your shit gang solo.
  15. What's it like uploading 19 Arma montages, and every single one of them be complete trash?