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  1. @sealooter stupid fucking DS tranny cunt end it
  2. just as braindead as the person who originally posted - like is irrelevant
  3. please just delete this post nobody cares
  4. u have no brain end it lol
  5. you're not any better
  6. no. don't remove them. learn to play against them. you talk about the old fed being a "relatively fair fight" between cops and rebels. what? any rebels with half of a braincell would've won the fed regardless of any factors - the number of cops, etc cops have been fucked enough as is may as well give them some sort of advantage, and honestly imo vans add something new to the same old cop meta of sitting 800m away from prisons/banks and dying or just endlessly baiting eachother at the fed and as a rebel i don't really mind the whole van tactic being used at prison // bank // fed // whatever because it gives me something more to worry about / counter and it's also a lot more interesting than fighting cops sitting 800m away spamming shots of 5.56
  7. Congratulations on getting Moderator!
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