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  1. KCAN

    [WTS] Street Lamp (Small) [on]

    300k if S3
  2. KCAN

    The Worst Video on Youtube

    The best video on Youtube*
  3. KCAN

    i need help

    How did you fix it though?
  4. KCAN

    i need help

    Are you turning battle eye off when you join server 1?
  5. KCAN

    Server 4 poll

    If they bring back 4, 2 should become 4 and the new server should become 2 since S4 was changed to be S2. Also, the new server 4 should have Catgirls instead of the normal interactive podiums for shops/outposts/etc
  6. I'm going to fly my drug running plane right into that.
  7. KCAN

    Add seat belts back ASAP!

    Why did they remove the seat belts though?
  8. KCAN


    Ayup, it's offroad time.
  9. KCAN

    EMS Idea Proposal

    Give the Governor an option to apply government subsidized revives.
  10. KCAN

    Change log 8.2.0

    Is Drug Running with the plane meant to give infamy, or nah?
  11. KCAN

    Change log 8.2.0

    Drug running doesn't give any infamy.
  12. KCAN

    Change log 8.2.0

    If some rookbanger stumbles upon a load of money and goes out of their way to RPG my scotch van you can bet there's going to be a hit.
  13. Epic smack talk, fellow gamers. This is what game journalists want to take away from us, always remember that.
  14. KCAN

    New keyboard

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Office-Keyboard-Dell-L100-Other-Models-/191944636272 Best keyboard by far.
  15. Or the new players could build up their wealth and they wouldn't go into a salt frenzy every death. A lot of the new guys do one excavation/coke run then blow all the money on one loadout of gear before rage quitting when they die because they don't have the cashflow to afford another.