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  1. Is Drug Running with the plane meant to give infamy, or nah?
  2. Drug running doesn't give any infamy.
  3. If some rookbanger stumbles upon a load of money and goes out of their way to RPG my scotch van you can bet there's going to be a hit.
  4. Epic smack talk, fellow gamers. This is what game journalists want to take away from us, always remember that.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Office-Keyboard-Dell-L100-Other-Models-/191944636272 Best keyboard by far.
  6. Or the new players could build up their wealth and they wouldn't go into a salt frenzy every death. A lot of the new guys do one excavation/coke run then blow all the money on one loadout of gear before rage quitting when they die because they don't have the cashflow to afford another.
  7. hey

    Pls open bob and send vagene
  8. You mean the modified copypasta from 2009?
  9. I've heard of mopheads before, but this is taking it to an entirely new level.
  10. Is that the Excavator requirement, or the requirement for shipwrecks to be excavatable? Because at the submerged wreck it simply stated I wasn't close enough to a ship. Is each wreck specifically designated to be an excavation area, or does the Wreck Excavator decide via depth the wreck is at?
  11. Hello, I've attempted to excavate every shipwreck in Kalithea Bay to no success, so naturally I've come to the conclusion that they aren't excavatable. Is there a specific reason for this? If not maybe enabling them, or the submerged one south of the boatshop would provide a secondary area for excavators using boxtrucks, instead of just Cap Drakontas. The area seems to be balanced enough, it's open and easily taken advantage of by rebels, so there's no apparent "OP" aspect to the sugmerged wreck specifically.
  12. So this is where the APD is whenever my excavation trips are being robbed.
  13. Hi

    How good are you with math exactly. Welcome.
  14. Siiiick montage.
  15. Props to all the cool dudes who joined in.