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  1. ron the player


    Fight cartels if you are soo good.
  2. Ron you fcking smell

  3. APD will never respond to prison because if they stop it then they won't get the bounties again. -1
  4. Mad cus bad Edit: no action taken
  5. It was not me, it was some admin.
  6. You are not supposed to get free loadout every 20 mins.
  7. It's ez money for big gangs. Paychecks Should be every 20 minutes 20 minutes = 7.5k blood money for each gang member ( but the max players who can get the money is 5 )
  8. so you want to increase the payout of blood money, change the cartel locations and maybe remove courthouse from donor. am i right? @Mason Statham will those changes bring you back to asylum?
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