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  1. Why would you only enable it for mature audiences? That cuts out over half of Asylum.
  2. Barry the Pilot


    Stupid idiot post, I really hate the fact you took time out of your day not only to write this, but also the half second it took to press the confirmation button. This post fills me with such legitimate and unbridled anger that I am seriously having a hard time controlling myself as I type this. I hope you get banned, permed and wiped for this post, pal.
  3. Hey, at least V2's delay has made me realize how much I enjoy playing KOTH.
  4. I've had the exact same thing irl, it's called Deja Reve I think. I actually told a buddy of mine the dream when I had it and he was there when it took place. I read an article months ago on it, something about your brain going through possibilities of what could happen while you're awake, and you only remember that you dreamt of it once a possibility you tested actually happens.
  5. Over the past few nights I've had nothing but dreams about Asylum, here's one of them: As a cop, I downed a 5k bounty with no gear and for some reason loaded him onto a Caesar BTT at Therisa drug runner and told him it was for his own safety, after we took off and were climbing in altitude, he said something to me and jumped out of the plane without a parachute, so I jumped out after him, somehow he deployed a parachute near the hangar and so did I, but the moment I was about to land my point of view changed to a drone's and I saw the heat signatures of five of his buddies, and when I landed the parachute they all unloaded into me with rooks. I had another one where I was in Kavala and had just finished processing a farmersville guy when he took out a silenced 9mm from a miniature chapel and I had to wrestle it away from his twink body. Gayest dream I've had. Basically, the reason I made this thread is because I'm curious if anyone else is having / has had a lot of dreams about Asylum and wants to share them.
  6. Welcome dude, I'm from the best state in the Union, Florida. hbu?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion I hate it. I'm not a fan of being shot out of the sky by mobile AA guns. -1
  8. $47000 (42k to pay for the plane + 5k for the job.) I also don't want to get banned so it has to be empty. Just for you I tried it, I can't land in the square itself but can get the plane to touch down on the MSR right next to it.
  9. I can taxi there, but have to land on the beach.
  10. Barry's no-questions-asked Caesar BTT flights are now available. For only $5K you can be picked up at any airstrip (or open highway) and transported safely to a destination. I'm available on all servers, just check the player list and see if I'm online, or message me on the forums to schedule alongside a planned run. Pictured below, I have extensive practice in flying the Caesar BTT from transporting cargo across Altis, I have a 95% success rate landing on airstrips, 60% landing on open highways and 40% landing on semi-flat fields. https://imgur.com/DeoYt71 The plane I use is the Caesar BTT, it can carry up to three passengers and at least five times as many guns. https://imgur.com/jKst2rG Services include: Airstrip transportation (People and/or cargo), Emergency transportation (Non-airstrip landings), Aerial Reconnaissance, Kavala landings and special requests all $5K each. Message me in-game or on the forums.
  11. Since I've seen Viet Cong shat on by a couple inactive members who barely played, putting it on their previous gangs in applications as if they'd been a part of us, I just wanted to add this as well: Viet Cong was a gang for a special kind of person, we had great times and I'll actually have stories from that gang to tell my buddies for years, it sucks our fuse reached it's end. Even though the gang was sacrificed by one selfish person to save themselves, I hope you guys keep raising hell and having fun. I have returned.
  12. Learn how to use them to your advantage.
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