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  1. I found it funny. I enjoy seeing your posts mandalorian, kek
  2. Nice work mandalorian.
  3. I agree with your post but the way you type is irritating as hell dude, I really want to punch you in the face whenever I see one of your posts.
  4. Say what you want but Jeffrey Epstein had serious drip, call that man Jeffrey Dripstein god damn.

  5. Did medic offroads get buffed? I was on about a month ago and couldn't get it over 170 in ideal situations.
  6. I noticed the same thing with "SJW protesters are literally mentally disabled" videos, these guys go out there for an entire day and try to find the craziest people to boost their view count. It's pretty sad honestly.
  7. I have a house 4-500m from Kavala rebel, would you be interested in that for a discount on the price of this garage? I used to own it last year.
  8. I still lose loadouts to chicken wire fences, so I guess you could say that.
  9. The fact that cops never patrol them might be because it seems no one ever does them If there was a higher reward (and consequently a higher traffic rate) I feel like cops would patrol it more, because there would be a chance someone is actually there, and the reward would be better. I'm not sure how many people actually do them, but I feel like increasing the spawn rate or giving them a monetary buff per turtle would be interesting and make for fun police operations.
  10. Does that mean your dick is, in fact, multiple hamburgers? Or that you'll be chewing up hamburgers while sucking your dick? You're going to munch your dick right off if it's the second one
  11. I'm rolling with tha Southern Empire, gonna try and fuck the queen lol
  12. Catgirls are the only acceptable race in FFXIV

    1. BonFire
    2. Barry the Pilot

      Barry the Pilot

      They're girls but mixed with cats, catgirls.

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