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  1. It happens everywhere, and when it happens in Kavala specifically they normally stay in the house with you.
  2. "Definitly a no from me. Imagine you're kidnapping people and putting them in a house. You call the police to set your demands for their release. However at that moment someone is shooting at you and you run off. The situation is unsafe for the kidnapper to return to and decides to leave. Kidnapper doesn't deserve a ban in my eyes, you can disconnect after being in restrains for 10mins without punishment." In this situation, you have a person restrained in your house, the doors are locked and you cannot/do not return to the house. Once the restraints wear off and they have to disconnect from the server or kill themselves, you should be held accountable. The player(s) that have been kidnapped either have to kill themselves or stop playing the server because you abandoned them. (I've repeatedly disconnected after the restraints wear off and reconnected, still stuck in the house.) "Another situation is where i would personaly make use of detaining someone in a house for 10mins. Let's say a person has been constantly harrasing people, vdming or simply being a dick. I would want to stop that person and "punish" him, by leaving him in a house for 10mins. In my eyes that shouldn't be bannable either." You have so many options to actually enjoy the game, or even just report them at that point. If you have them in restraints already, why not play around with them or taunt them more, publicly shame them, etc? There are so many ways to actually engage with people other than just disabling them from doing anything with their game time. "Even if you make it bannable to leave someone in restrains without RP, someone who intends on doing it will then just give you the bare minimum and leave you again so he can't be banned." That's actually a good point, and a gray area. But it can be covered somehow I'm sure. At the end of the day, the way I see it, house storing and abandoning completely obliterates a lot of potential fun. I want to emphasize that I'm not against just restraining people inside a house , but instead storing and abandoning with no further intention of RP or gameplay with the stored user, just putting them inside the house and leaving, and/or keeping them locked inside the house once the restraints wear off. Possibly a limit on re-downing and re-storing consecutively in the same life as well. I've actually enjoyed a couple Bamboo Union house parties.
  3. It'd probably be possible by just enforcing abandoning people in houses, so if it happened to you, you could just record and report it.
  4. Being stored in a house with no desire to further RP or anything else should be banned or regulated in my opinion. I'm talking about the storing of people in a house and then just leaving them there for the entire duration, and them having to kill themselves in order to leave once the ties come off. It's a complete drag on gameplay and overpowered since houses are so secure.
  5. I found it funny. I enjoy seeing your posts mandalorian, kek
  6. Nice work mandalorian.
  7. I agree with your post but the way you type is irritating as hell dude, I really want to punch you in the face whenever I see one of your posts.
  8. Say what you want but Jeffrey Epstein had serious drip, call that man Jeffrey Dripstein god damn.

  9. Did medic offroads get buffed? I was on about a month ago and couldn't get it over 170 in ideal situations.
  10. I noticed the same thing with "SJW protesters are literally mentally disabled" videos, these guys go out there for an entire day and try to find the craziest people to boost their view count. It's pretty sad honestly.
  11. I have a house 4-500m from Kavala rebel, would you be interested in that for a discount on the price of this garage? I used to own it last year.
  12. I still lose loadouts to chicken wire fences, so I guess you could say that.
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