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  1. If @Ethan Darrell is an admin on there, I will not be joining
  2. Mitch is really the Stalin of the forums, if he doesn't like something it disappears forever
  3. DinKleberg


    imagine crying over PMC
  4. In-game name : DinKleberg Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : 2500 How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : day or two im retired technically Previous Gangs : Mayhem NA/EU? : NA def not a eurofag Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?: everyone im pretty popular
  5. @YuSheng has confirmed this was him in this video
  6. UPDATE: I tested negative for COVID but tested positive for mild autism which might be a direct link to Asylum
  7. at the BLM protests sorry i havent had a chance to talk to you *4 more years
  8. Haven't received my results yet man it's taking forever
  9. give me com manager please Thanks you and randy are the least shittiest ds members
  10. Yusheng waited to like this post cause he wants me to say something racist to him
  11. DinKleberg

    COVID Baby

    Friend of mine tested positive for it so you already know I'm probably getting it. Nice knowing you guys !
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