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  1. DinkleDaddy for Support 2020!!
  2. 1. DinKleberg 2. @Madlibs 3. Father Juul 4. DinKleberg 5. DinKleberg
  3. Reading this makes me want to kiss you on the mouth so badly right now
  4. As your biggest fan boy, I like the ifrit skin
  5. This kid is cooler than half the asylum player base
  6. Can you respond to my support ticket ?
  7. It's got to be the chinese
  8. Can I have your money before you depart us?
  9. Hey @Blake., your rides here. https://gyazo.com/8743b93c6af27962decadfc6351ec880
  10. new APD headquarters will be at coke field now after this update
  11. Oh shoot never knew that I thought the whole vehicle itself could be textured including windows
  12. Implementing the ability to add tints to your cars would be awesome. Make a shop called Asylum Customs(Los Santos Customs from GTA V) where you can add different percentages of tints on your windows. 5% tints could make a person be unknown when driving around. Could also allow new roleplay scenarios for police eg, pulling over someone for their tints and that being probable cause to search the vehicle as it is in real life in some states. I just see this as more of a cosmetic thing but would also be dope since we can't really add much to our cars.
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