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  1. Leroy Jenkins sells everything he can find on the ground including defibs
  2. Not a bad hire. Better than appointing Pro Kavala RDMER @Innate as our glorious LT
  3. The slammed in hatchbacks behind church and I killed them??? Keep posting forum warrior
  4. they repushed after and I wiped them all haha
  5. We're giving you feedback aren't we ? This server is full of trolls so did you expect anything less in theses replies?
  6. I didn't see the region lock added in. Is that going to be in the hotfix or ????
  7. Ah yes a kid sitting behind a rock shit on me, I think you lag more than the chinese when you play
  8. Guess this just proves all it takes to be a mod is to rdm in kavala
  9. Bherky won't be able to do support requests after 9pm
  10. I have a mk20c I need a reward for my shit kd
  11. Increase SRT payout for uncaps to 40k.
  12. Just post a cringe video of you singing a song and you'll get the ban lifted.
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