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  1. Haven't received my results yet man it's taking forever
  2. give me com manager please Thanks you and randy are the least shittiest ds members
  3. Yusheng waited to like this post cause he wants me to say something racist to him
  4. DinKleberg?

    COVID Baby

    Friend of mine tested positive for it so you already know I'm probably getting it. Nice knowing you guys !
  5. Drake's a shitter what did you expect mida
  6. I picked a good time to get removed from cop
  7. Don't lie to the community like that.
  8. It all went downhill after i left
  9. you still have #FreeDinKleberg but didnt @ me ? you little rat
  10. Add a kneeling script so we can support my fellow black brother @InvictusTheReaper #BLM
  11. let me join Fse already
  12. everything AMD is shit sit
  13. Who edited my comment come on now don't be a party pooper
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