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  1. Having a gas station somewhere around or in Therisa would be nice. Closest one is 3.7km away.
  2. 210,000
  3. Rebel tree?
  4. Just keep trying till you pass it, the best way to learn is to play as a civ/cadet and have someone more experienced teach you.
  5. Very nice.
  6. I understand the quilen goldbar nerf because constables are unable to keep with with their SUVs and sport hatches the second the person goes offroad, which is almost always. Only time you can catch them is with a helicopter or if a higher-up pulls out a prowler.
  7. You got some balls coming in this thread calling me a career cop, when I play on civ winning the war with your One New Enemy. Anyways thanks for the help everyone else, I'll open some crates cause I do like the look of those helmets and to support asylum.
  8. Damn, I purchased three lootcrates in the past and got two Taylor Swift shirts, so I don't see myself doing that again.
  9. I spent an hour yesterday looking throughout Altis for helmets with armor protection. I could not find any helmets at any of the three Rebal Outposts, and none at either Skiptracer bases. The best things that I've found we're the bicycle helmets at the clothing store and the helmets at the go-kart shop by airfeild. Do any of you know where you purchase better helmets? I have seen people wearing military style helmets and have always wondered where they were purchased. Any lead would be appreciated.
  10. An E46 M3 in my opinion a cooler car than a r33.
  11. Best way to do it is to have one guy as a distraction, and two other people waiting at the gate closest to north rebel. One guy distracts and you two get the closest dome, get ALL the gold bars from it and gun it to north rebel.
  12. Yeah, I don't blame him.
  13. You're right, I'll edit the video title. By the way, I am not trying to get anyone in trouble with this thread but to just have a laugh.
  14. Of course, I act differently now. You have to adapt to your environments. I used to be a pot smoking loser before I got employment as a corrections officer, but now I take myself very seriously and have to abide by a standard and it is no different with the APD. If you can't follow their rules and standards, you can't be in it. It is that simple. With that said, I agree there are definitely some problems in the APD, but posts like these won't do a damn thing about them, it would be better to take it up with high ranking officers/leaders and let them teach the new guys like me and many others.