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  1. For me, I'd like to see white listed medics and server stability the most. Then hopefully more cosmetics, shotguns, weakened APD.
  2. I don't know why my post was deleted, some admin who spends 1/4 of his earnings on vacations probably got triggered.
  3. justi

    o7 boys

    No ones. He was a cool guy but he bought a bunch of scripted money like a douche. I was in a gang with him ran by these three Jews and he was good, not even sure why he's quiting foreal.
  4. This entire conversation reminds me of Trump at a congressional hearing. (No insult intended) You all are grilling Samperino hoping you get the response you want to get but know you won't receive. Honestly, I don't think anything will change unless everyone wants it, including those who are potentially going to get the negative impacts (higher ups in question). Make Section F an option for all ranks constable and above, who can be voted by and given to, over viewed by the Chief of Police.
  5. With that talent, you can only disarm your bounty. Get apex predator and you can disarm anyone (pistol) and take their Y Inventory / flashbangs / grenades. flex
  6. Would depend, do you think there is a market for a house there? Are the surrounding houses all owned? It may be better to post in real estate forum to get real offers. In all honesty, if there are others for sale near it for market price, you won't get more than that.
  7. One time I saw KNY go on rocks in Kavala and shoot ~10 rockets into square. Explains a lot.
  8. This is a blatant lie, I never die
  9. I have one too, but I can't use it around cops. Was hoping it becomes legal/purchasable. You're not completely wrong, your reaction fuels me.
  10. Honestly not a bad idea. I am probably biased in this because I main BH, but add MXM's, flashbangs.
  11. justi


    Honestly a montage I enjoyed watching throughout. Nice Jayshawn.
  12. justi


    A lot of these APD higherup-sergeants, whatever you want to call these people, think that their shit don't stink and they can go around and be total assholes to everyone they encounter just for the hell of it. You are 100% right, no one wants to play with these people. The typical response when you give them a hint of criticism, "If you don't like it, file an IA." to be reviewed by the same scumbags who do the same shit. In return, restrain and blindfold them, leave them anywhere you can and return the favor, or do what we do and just annoy the shit out of them in PD until they act out.
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