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  1. Giving her money is feeding her crack Henry
  2. Bye

    Looks like he just lagged to be honest, then he unlagged after he starting shooting at the dude.
  3. Fallout 76 was released and advertised as a complete game, but Identity will tell you on steam before you even purchase it that it's in its early, early state. Not comparable.
  4. Im still giving it a chance, great games and legendary game companies all started like this.
  5. Bye

    See you on Olympus?
  6. @Gaskal
  7. I thought the server was doing fine, the thing that killed it for me is corruption in the APD.
  8. Welcome back.
  9. 2:53 the fuck how did you get that gun? Where is BABS
  10. Just enjoy it while it's here, must be depressing constantly thinking about something you love going to die eventually.
  11. Henrys far from a badmin, he came and revived me after.
  12. I don't like full auto, I tend to unload my entire clip too quickly and then I am screwed. Semi auto always worked better for me - all preference.
  13. Spending time on the tower sniping people, shooting at anything that moves is honestly a lot of fun. It being a redzone combined with the perfect view of HQ 1.1-1.4Km out makes it perfect for camping long term. If you're going to try this, I recommend using the tower closest to the water, the large barrel on top protects you from the other two towers, and if you lay flat no one can get to you without a heli or climbing up.