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  1. justi

    Asylum Apparel

    I'd be scared to wear the clothes outside and the off chance of being recognized by some tryhard I pissed off.
  2. justi


    Tricks just take the L.
  3. justi

    Sidechat Idea..

    So you don't play with sidechat because you don't like it, so you come on here and get it shut off or slowed down for everyone else?
  4. justi


  5. What a complete dickhead. Always kill these cops on sight.
  6. justi

    Can Rebels Have Fashion Too?

    Why not just go to the clothing store in Therisa or wherever the fuck you spawn
  7. justi


    Any chance of getting that Hunter skin in the game Mitch?
  8. justi

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Blowing stuff up is fun though.. and it's not like the rockets are cheap. When's the last time someone RPG'd you?
  9. justi

    Server 1

    Its been unplayable on all three today.
  10. justi

    Super Jumps

    It'd be cool of you at least watch the prison break.
  11. justi

    Community Video Contest [Closed]

    Is there a deadline? I didn't see one in the OP. Edit* I am blind. Feb 12.
  12. justi


    If I'm not banned for VDM after what I just did, I will use the hell out of that skin Mitch.
  13. justi


    @Mitch (IFRIT) Can you maybe take a look at a Hunter skins or two for donor tiers? I know it's a lot to ask for but a lot of us would appreciate it.
  14. justi


    It'd be cool if higher level donors got some Hunter skins, I already opened many crates and could not get one.
  15. justi

    [BUYING] Quality Kavala Houses!

    Willing to sell for the right price..