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  1. justi

    Stuff for sale

    It wasn't him it was a deeper voice dude and Badabing isn't rude either. It doesn't matter anyway. Just forget about it, it's gone..
  2. justi

    Stuff for sale

    Im not a snitch so no. Some fucking admin just came and took it, I think it was Leady or Zoex I don't know who. Its gone.
  3. justi

    Stuff for sale

    Maric the suppressor is very old and im 100% sure it was not some guy who scripted it in. A player from long ago gave it to me. I was in his gang called Trident and its legit. Why even bother the owners and tag them they have admins for a reason.
  4. justi

    Stuff for sale

    Admin said it was fine maric stop pooping on everything @Maric
  5. justi

    Stuff for sale

    Hate doing runs so need to sell stuff. 25k Each, 40k for both. 8k
  6. I'd rather have a high-quality Star Wars game made by say Bioware than any Star Wars movie made by Disney. Star Wars is just money for Disney, Lucas Films made these films with a passion for science fiction. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I did an assassin contract that said time was worth $50,000 and when I turned it in only received something around $15,000. It's decieving to have infamy talents that give you the full amount only after unlocking. Also, puting out assassin contracts are expensive. It would be nice to have autonomous contracts being put out on people who 'deserve it'. For example, officer who stops drill at bank, stops prison break. A 1% chance to become targeted by a contract after killing another rebel.
  8. Can any staff explain the Bh changes? What is a low priority target?
  9. I mean, you are technically right
  10. Nice that black sweatshirt looks good but too bad it's getting hot in my neck of the woods.
  11. You could work and play.. you must be trucking or something?
  12. No? I said I'm not sure if it exists. Also what the fuck does it have to do with this?
  13. I know my opinion doesn't mean shit, but Nino is definitely more qualified than the other support team members. Only had a few conversations with him but he's always professional and seems to settle any problems I've come into. Make him a mod!
  14. For someone who calls themselves the 'CreatorOfUnpopularOpinions' you sure have trouble accepting them. I don't want to argue on a thread that is meant to help people, even though you are a massive hypocrite as @Xehons has already shown. If you got something to say tell me on teamspeak, screw this pussyfooting around. Good luck with your depression thing, wish you godspeed at solving.
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