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  1. its listed i already forgot what i listed it for, i dont even give a fuck to be completely honest i think its like 600k or some shit don't be cheap motherfucker
  2. Forgot to list it, haven't been on recently I will do it today.
  3. You see a 600k and an 700k offer above you, and your offer is 500k? Fuck it, listing it for 750,000. It has twelve AK-12's / ammo in it and a couple other things as well. Its honestly a great house and bet someone can profit off that price.
  4. House is still for sale
  5. On market for 1 mill, first come gets it
  6. Taking offers no less than 1 Mill
  7. Yeah i felt 400k was low.
  8. Not super important, but if you repair your plane during a drug runner, the repair timer starts and the drug runner timer disappears. After finishing the repairing, the drug runner timer doesn't come back and you have no idea how much time you have left to finish.
  9. Do you still want the house?
  10. You can have it if no one else bids by tonight when i get on.
  11. 3 Crate house, Bidding starts at 350,000
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