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  1. You make it sound like that is a lot. Getting rich in the US isn't hard.
  2. Serious critique of your list. Removals Remove night Remove night and add NVG's to spawn with? Anyways night is fun for a lot of us, and don't think a lot of people would be on board. Remove screen shake. Good idea. Remove painkillers Good Idea. Remove governor taxes for Rebel Outposts Not sure why its a thing in the first place. Also should be removed from Skiptracer,. Remove broken legs Breaking your legs is a thing everyone needs to watch for, and I feel it balances fights. Remove 30 day inactive house listing (Only if House Upkeep is added) I you don't play for 30 days, you should be considered inactive and lose them so others can have a go, as it currently is. Additions Craftable clothing at Black Market Production (Carrier Lites, Tactical Vests, CSATs, Helmets) I see at first how this would be a cool thing to add, but the only thing people would craft would be CSATs and carrier lites, possibly helmets if they got them unlocked. It would probobly be more profitable to do runs for cash, then spend time crafting them and I am pretty sure no one would do them. Craftable scopes at Black Market Production (1 Glass, 4 Iron Ingots) Since you can craft the ammo, you should craft the scope. Glass though? Maybe cut or uncut diamonds would be better. It would just be another thing to carry and annoy everyone. Ability to sell medical equipment at Hospital and Clinics Not necessary. Ability to process cannabis into Medical Marijuana at Weed Dispensary (Sells for lower price) Governor should decide if weed is legal or not legal, and only have one type of marijuana to sell. Changing it to legal would make the processor a no-kos zone and legal Home upkeep (Basically the upkeep system from rust but requiring cash instead of materials and the more money required based off of how many crates you have and how much weight is being used in each crate) Never was implemented and never should be. 6.5mm Assault Boat lolno Oil processing on the Oil Rig Should be fixed for sure, would help oil cartels profits. 9mm Suppressors at Rebel People at rebel don't buy 9mm, also its cop contraband and it shouldn't be sold by ingame traders, but stolen from cops. Talent to spawn with NVGs Good idea. Alcohol Dispensary (Used for crafting legal alcohols (All the current alcohols except scotch) Feels unnecessary. Changes Reduce maximum prison time to 30 minutes Forty-five feels right for me. Pressing plates reduces bail price as well as time (Reduced rate for time) Buff weed and heroine prices Would be game breaking. Weed is low and should be reserved for new players starting and learning. Heroin is worth a bit already. The problem is meth is too easy to run. Evidence locker in each HQ instead of separate location Although I feel the APD fails in RP every which way, the HQ should still be considered a place for processing and safe haven for cops. It's not necessary for the server to assist in creating a war zone inside a HQ, it should strictly be player driven. Buff turtles price or increase spawn rate (If that's even possible) Just remove it. Oil Cartel produces rubber instead of money Good idea. EMTs single heal option instead of items in Y inventory (Just a scroll wheel on the player who needs healed, this would heal to 100 (Or whatever talent they have learned) and give painkillers and fix broken legs (If those aren't removed) Wait to see what they do with white listed medics, if they ever do it. Increase maximum stamina (If possible) Redgulls for unlimited stamina, otherwise be careful how much gear you decide to buy. Simplify ammo repacking (Press R and automatically repack all magazines of the caliber of the weapon in your hands with a 5 second timer) System feels balanced and engaging right now. Switch back to Cartel Dropbox (Instead of Dirty Money have regular cash that can be deposited at any ATM) Good idea. Police only allowed to strip corpses in red zones. Good idea. Reduce fly distance over cities to 200m instead of 300m Never saw this enforced before. Increase Industrial shed maximum crates to 3 with market price increase to 300k Unnecessary price increase, but three, possibly 4 crates would be interesting. Increase maximum house listing to 10 million Good idea. Make Zubr legal and sold at gun store Guns trash, good idea. Only good thing about it is armor penetration, limited to slow ROF makes it balanced in killing cops with vests. Personal idea, give Governor more control of the APD. (More events) Such as declaring martial over a city, release a prisoner from prison (addition to pardon), and so on.
  3. For me, I'd like to see white listed medics and server stability the most. Then hopefully more cosmetics, shotguns, weakened APD.
  4. I don't know why my post was deleted, some admin who spends 1/4 of his earnings on vacations probably got triggered.
  5. justi

    o7 boys

    No ones. He was a cool guy but he bought a bunch of scripted money like a douche. I was in a gang with him ran by these three Jews and he was good, not even sure why he's quiting foreal.
  6. This entire conversation reminds me of Trump at a congressional hearing. (No insult intended) You all are grilling Samperino hoping you get the response you want to get but know you won't receive. Honestly, I don't think anything will change unless everyone wants it, including those who are potentially going to get the negative impacts (higher ups in question). Make Section F an option for all ranks constable and above, who can be voted by and given to, over viewed by the Chief of Police.
  7. With that talent, you can only disarm your bounty. Get apex predator and you can disarm anyone (pistol) and take their Y Inventory / flashbangs / grenades. flex
  8. Would depend, do you think there is a market for a house there? Are the surrounding houses all owned? It may be better to post in real estate forum to get real offers. In all honesty, if there are others for sale near it for market price, you won't get more than that.
  9. One time I saw KNY go on rocks in Kavala and shoot ~10 rockets into square. Explains a lot.
  10. This is a blatant lie, I never die
  11. I have one too, but I can't use it around cops. Was hoping it becomes legal/purchasable. You're not completely wrong, your reaction fuels me.
  12. Honestly not a bad idea. I am probably biased in this because I main BH, but add MXM's, flashbangs.
  13. justi


    Honestly a montage I enjoyed watching throughout. Nice Jayshawn.
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