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  1. In the end, nothing matters. Life is just one big experience, and to say that this doesn't matter is to say nothing matters aswell. By playing here for as long as you do is valuing your experience here. I don't want to get philosophical with someone who has the moral intellect of a deep spectrum autistic person so I will refrain. If anyone here is flexing its you buddy. Bandit you never fail to show me how stupid man can really be. I will judge.
  2. Its not that you don't need to be an LT, you aren't. Like I said just a rusty nail who quite litterely wasted so many hours and accomplished so little. I'm sure it reflects upon you as a person, a lazy cocksucking democrat who has a dogs brain. To not play asylum for months and to be a 'running joke' is an accomplishment to me, more than you have ever done. Atleast I made people laugh at my stupid antics, you just went out of your way to be a cocksucker and I know you enjoyed every moment of it, faggot.
  3. To be fair, you never had the opportunity, even though you wasted thousands of hours copping on asylum. You're just a rusty nail.
  4. Of all of the captains I've reported, nothing ever came of it. No point, don't bother wasting your time. It doesnt matter how blatantly obvious the captain is being a massive shithead. Durga, Leady, Codie alter'boy', subaru, clockwork, - fuck them.
  5. its listed i already forgot what i listed it for, i dont even give a fuck to be completely honest i think its like 600k or some shit don't be cheap motherfucker
  6. Forgot to list it, haven't been on recently I will do it today.
  7. You see a 600k and an 700k offer above you, and your offer is 500k? Fuck it, listing it for 750,000. It has twelve AK-12's / ammo in it and a couple other things as well. Its honestly a great house and bet someone can profit off that price.
  8. House is still for sale
  9. On market for 1 mill, first come gets it
  10. Taking offers no less than 1 Mill
  11. Yeah i felt 400k was low.
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