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    Hey guys, my name is Killswitch and so far, I must say that I am really loving Asylum. You can typically find me on spawn island because I am getting robbed or killed so often, that I have decided to buy property there. Hopefully one day one of the developers will place a nice little 2 story there for me so I can live my days like Master Roshi. Whenever I last long enough and not die or get robbed, you can find me anywhere by calling 605-475-6968. Kind Regards, Killswitch
  2. Did you have a friend write a song for this or something? Either way I love it... Oh, wish I could recall what the Cheech and My conversation was about haha
  3. Awesome...I have never seen it from this perspective...only from Matts, that was the actual one I was referring too, but this will do
  4. @Bikstok Please find the original Nice Job Man video...I can't find the fucker
  5. I never got my pilot coveralls!!!!
  6. Wait...gangs need a reason to fight other gangs? I thought it was all about who had the heaviest e-peen? Damn, times have changed
  7. I would like this as a prestige over a talent... My thought process, you arrest more people, you should be allowed to go after higher valued targets. If you are new to BH, your targets should be the low value criminals
  8. Well, he never gave the numbers/statistics for the future....... Soooooooooo, I wouldn't really say they were lies........
  9. Well, got some good news and bad news... Bad News: They had a set number of NDA lifts, which of course have all been handed out. Good News: If they give access to more people, supposedly I will make the cut for the NDA lift.
  10. What I got from it was this: PvP - queue up on a selected map and fight til everyone is dead PvE - queue up on a selected map and fight AI Offline - roam the selected maps by yourself and learn it or find shit Basically before you enter the game, you can load your guy up with specific gear that you have looted previously. From my understanding, this part of the alpha is more or less for gun play with looting.
  11. Honestly, its not to bad for an alpha My biggest problem is finding shit haha...and of course understanding what each little shit does (i.e. Do i really need 4 packs of cigarettes in my pockets?!? - haha)
  12. As of right now, only a handful of people are allowed to stream it...as in devs, emissaries, and bigger streamers. Supposedly the NDA will be lifted in a few days so more people can stream it. I am however trying to contact a dev or emissary on the alpha forums to allow me to stream it...so maybe, we will see
  13. I will just see if I can get permission from the Devs
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