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  1. I guess. But they are like your brothers. If u know its an active player that hasn't gotten in much trouble with shit, Should be a bit lenient with punishments. Edit, Apologies on being a dickhead Giant o7 to you @Alec-I
  2. Welp, Thats what happens when u promote some shitty mods (Not the good ones) but some that are a bit too much on a power trip and ban the actives unless a realistic resolution
  3. Should have adleast let the poor guy finish his run :|
  4. Just makes me realize how much of a bot I am
  5. My forums account has taken on a life on its own. Yikes
  6. NOOOOOOOOO NOT MY QUAD BIKE. U MONSTER Edit ; I'm blacklisted. Get Fukt @ Cop Side Edit 2: I'm about to be banned, DIE IN A FIRE ADMINS
  7. Sorry for the double post, Just too good to not post
  8. XD . I can give you the full 5 minutes of any clip you want. Just let me know
  9. A lot of people ask me why I barely report stuff. 50% or more of these clips are Reportable/Compable. At half an hour/hour for each clip to make a report, you do the math.
  10. Listen. If u don't like how the system works just don't be a cop. Alot of this is treated like your true fucking career getting into this shit. I studied harder for the ride along than I ever did any test in High School. EDIT ; I already know what post is going to come out of me saying this. Some higher up or admin going "Oh so that is why u are 0 iq and were blacklisted." Well i'm beating u to the punch so smd
  11. i know u tard. I'm just saying there is people that don't want to kill one medic and get a 10k bounty
  12. No it shouldn't be a thing. Think about a rebels Pov. The rebels are killing off the cops while u got 3-4 medics going around reving every single cop. Now u want to make the bounty even higher?
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