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  1. Thats the problem nobody wants an unending battle, theres no money to be made in fighting infinitely.
  2. this guy just posted a video of him running away from the gun fight lol
  3. You would think the overwhelmingly negative response in game to all these changes would do the trick.
  4. sir i have 14 mil and i am broke as far as the side chat is concerned, stop exposing me.
  5. agreed, not necessary but if there was gonna be a change thats what id want
  6. not too late to fix it
  7. What are we doing here I thought we were trying to revitalize cartels this is going backwards this is just rat spot now this is worse than construction wongs
  8. We went the wrong direction. Oly literally made it easier to see in the smoke we should have followed them because it makes it much less luck of the draw trying to get a name and instead turns the fight into limited visibility so that you can only see right in front of you. Makes much more sense because for example when pushing window you can still see your fight but at the same time not get roached from vendor or star rocks.
  9. My primary point was that the time of day where the cartels make the most money is the time of the day when the least amount of players are online, and there is little fighting. It makes no sense economically to show up to a cartel during prime time if you have not already beaten the game because you are only going to fight, not to profit. This leaving room only for those of us who are doing it because we want the fight, and none for those who are doing it as a fun way to make money like it should be. THAT BEING SAID, here is a more direct response and something of an elaboration on my above point to the comment I just quoted. Its not unusual to burn through 100k fighting one cartel, especially if you lose just one ifrit you're already more than that in the hole. Only those who have beat the game so to speak can afford this price. At most a gang that fights caps in the day time will break even. Its unreasonable to expect that a gang where the richest member has only a few million dollars could stand up and repush any of todays cartel fighting gangs, and theres only about 5 as im sure you have noticed. It simply is not economically viable. We are all stacked and couldnt care less about the price of our loadouts for the rest of the time we play, and the newer gangs will go broke even if they win the fight because of how little the cap draws in. If the solution is not increasing the payout for a capture, than it has to be increasing the time a capture is on cooldown so these players have time to do their runs utilizing the cartel.
  10. I can help. See, the issue you ran into is that you are playing on the asylum server, and not the olympus server. Over on oly the smokes look like what you saw in the video. Here, they look retarded like what you just experienced. Why do they look that way? Who knows?
  11. yeah, what wize said! There is some level of potential that occured. I WANT DOUBLE NOTIFICATIONS
  12. i feel like gang disbanding is an important enough messup that there should be a confirmation message
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