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  1. i fucking destroy you in csgo
  2. Bej


    ok settle down nerd
  3. u caught @Sanders eating kebab on castle zurph did the same 2 min later, Sanders so fat always eating kebab good stuff
  4. Bej

    Gang Wars

    just give us the gang wars win already theres no competition on this server.
  5. another fight another easy ifrit claim, man this is just too easy these days can we get some competition please?
  6. lol this thread, nerds
  7. oskarr uses cheats everyone knows this. dreamhack cheats.
  8. Bej

    Qilin vs Ifrit

    excellent plan my fellow ISIS warriors. let the the suicide bombing begin!
  9. sorry sir plague members are simply too good for our gang and recruiting them would make our members feel like they are insufficient. DENIED
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