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  1. Wtf why didnt I get my prime cheat? :/
  2. monkeyz hacked my ghosthawk, can we get comp?
  3. mur

    Asylum #2

    yo ur fucking nuts, to bad u suck ass at DBD and team kill half of us
  4. can you just tell us who gang 1 & 2 is? im to dumb to figure it out i feel like it works both ways in this situation, i just need the closure
  5. thinking about leaving prime and making murskarr @Oskarr and I are trying to see who would join this gang message me if you have over 6k hours, and over 200 hours the last 2 weeks
  6. you shouldve heard him when he fucked @Oskarrs sister, THAT was a godly sound
  7. mur

    Prime Meme Thread

    Leaked webcam footage when Connor McGregor went 2-0 against prime in Gang Wars 7
  8. the very few times i agree with the airplane gang
  9. mur

    Confused Prime member

    I just don’t understand how some admins were gonna bend the rules if it had “no exceptions”
  10. mur

    Confused Prime member

    You didn’t read the fine print!1!11! If you’re a leader of an active cartel gang, this doesn’t apply to you!
  11. mur

    Confused Prime member

    I honestly wanna know why Connor never gets punished for his bans. How many “last chances” does he get, and how do I get that many?
  12. mur

    Confused Prime member

    The original plan was a 3 day, unban him for GW’s then ban him Sunday, then JB said he was gonna ban him for 3 days straight. Now he has a 2 day. Noilver gets a week ban for one VDM, Connor has been reported multiple times over the last 2-3 months, and he’s consistently getting short pat on the wrist bans.
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