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  1. boogie2998 plays arma?
  2. Make it so cartels cap faster based on how many players you have in it, maybe cap it at 3 players so it doesnt go too fast
  3. Title, maybe make it so you cant spam them obviously but still send allot out
  4. It's a suggestion not a complaint, is there something to want the server to improve?
  5. Even if its hard or soft its a 50% chance that your car saves over even if you sync repeatedly, impossible to make money near restart
  6. its with arms and 2 turfs that reduces it or its in high availability with arms or something
  7. In-Game Name: ant Age: 18 Arma Hours [Screenshot]: https://gyazo.com/ec0a73f1f6b67a79f3b9be4f1772865b Previous Gangs: 12 Monkeys, Velocity, and Ruby on olympus recently Why should we accept you: Gang went inactive on Olympus, I want to fight cartels and do feds/banks Who can vouch for you: Jamal
  8. servers r being ddos'd so is s1
  9. antwon

    australia life

    what ever happened to aussie life? it was fun 2 years ago
  10. i haven't seen cops raid a cartel on s1 in a while
  11. if anything a new scope would add this but idk
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