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  1. S3

    servers r being ddos'd so is s1
  2. what ever happened to aussie life? it was fun 2 years ago
  3. i haven't seen cops raid a cartel on s1 in a while
  4. if anything a new scope would add this but idk
  5. how much for the 70k ill offer 150k
  6. is this a troll or...
  7. i would say this is more of an admin event not something sgt+ should do...
  8. ayyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. S1 Keeps lagging out, crashing and is just overall in bad shape, also sometimes me and other people cant join the server just gets stuck at recieving data...
  10. when the donor tier benefits thing was up with arms and 2 turfs it was like 9k for the mk200 and like 12/14k for the lim
  11. if you use U it opens a door nearby and it doesnt register that your a floor above sometimes
  12. lmaoooo im dieing
  13. crates are broken ahhhh