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  1. yall funny. and u kno who you are. hypocrites. it was a good run but im all set, to all the people i arrested, goodluck, i wont be around to hook u up, to all cadets i gave advice to also goodluck. and to my gang members, good luck. anyone looking to play king of the hill, add me on steam. to all my cool admins and higher ups that actually was cool and chill, i had fun time. i will not be missed and i will be forgotten and thats all i hope for. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @BadBunny @Dressbuck @Ava @Cukofuko @Gregg @Addison McGrath a lil list of the people i like. theres more but i cant list them all due to the fact i dnt kno their names or profile lmfao. love to all who made my play time fun and memorable...like i said add me if we cool. stra1ghtjack1t and yes this is because i got denied for a 2nd time on some bulliish.... guess i cant be liked by everyone. mustve left my kneepads on the dresser everytime on duty. im 28, srry i dnt kiss up to noone. oh and i wont be back to read replies so yea just thought u should kno lmfao. holla
  2. Indeed. It' Ok, ill still go thru lol. Im from Massachusetts, we own the roads lol
  3. Real $!&&@$ off-road. As for sirens? N.W.A. Lol seeing how im usually driving the sirens, move or im hitting you. Lol.
  4. hilarious. very suspenseful. need more. make more. lol
  5. oh. ok. lol i was told to just do headshots cuz its the only guaranteed kill :/ headshots is hard tho lol
  6. this is what im saying when i say my rounds dont do shit. someone plz tell me how the fuck these gunz work? tips? single fire? full auto? aim down sight? hip fire? just stop tryn?? lmfao
  7. he got downd and processed lol. i let him go tho after i took all the drugs just for the fun
  8. by the time i realized i should grab my car, i said fuck it, and ran. lololol
  9. https://gyazo.com/0bb4fa8b0967e244f30c9116350d83f7 no fly zone in my coke fields
  10. https://gyazo.com/0d9bbb7dd4cd55e7d6eb8c055f50c4a3 wish i had a hand in this bust
  11. ur shooting down at your target within 300m, you shouldnt be aiming that high. hit/reg works if your accurate and have good ping ping lol. goodluck on future endevors
  12. couldnt figure out that my heli was unlocked and couldnt get them in lol if ur wondering y i was taking a long time putting them in.
  13. i love "hands up or die" half a sec later start shooting..... orrr... while ya in a vehicle "hands up or die" then when u get out, immediately get shot...
  14. steel plates and duct tape a warm day and denied trial this is prison, get stabbed there is a house here to close gets you shot and taken farmersville bot tiers hands up or die, why? you get arrested and cry? commit suicide.
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